The Colony


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rodrig58 4 / 10


I can say bad things and good things about this movie. Where to start? OK, the bad ones: except Laurence Fishburne, who is very natural and is a very good actor, the others are under any criticism. The story, as it was screened, is predictable. The film does not have the tension it could have had, with another director and very good actors. Good things: The subject is generous and could have been an extraordinary film directed by, let's say, Stanley Kubrick or Franklin J. Schaffner, the director of "Planet of the Apes" (1968). Unfortunately, they both direct films in another dimension.

Reviewed by infinitejourneys 1 / 10

Great Actors Wasted

First third of movie was alright. Rest was terrible. I had some hope for this movie since I like these actors, but it was so disappointing that I feel I have to say something. Spoilers ahead. Reasons why this movie stinks:

First of all, someone with the type of military training that Fishbourne's character supposedly has would never be so stupid as to take two kids to check out what happened to a colony of 50 people that suddenly went silent except for a distress signal. Leaving Paxton's character behind even though he has military training and then asking civilians to stop him with little to no training, was just colossally stupid. Hate to say it, but he deserved to die. Oh, and when a colony of 50 people goes silent and all you find at the entrance are pools of blood, only a total moron goes in with a couple of kids and such limited weapons.Telling the kid to grow a spine because he had enough intelligence to know it was a dumb idea is the worst. Gee, wonder what happened here...50 people couldn't handle it, but these two kids and I will save them!!! Right.

Second, why couldn't they do a better job with Paxton? It was a lazy casting decision. "Hey, we don't have to build the character so much if we get a guy who has experience playing jerks because the audience will buy into it more easily."

Third, if you have a massive structure made of concrete and steel, and you're able to make the whole thing collapse, burying cannibal-vampire- wannabes at the bottom under tons of debris, they aren't coming after you unless they are really vampires. But these jokers aren't. They're just really stupid cannibals who wish they were vampires.

Fourth, if you blow up a bridge over a huge icy chasm that clearly requires the stupid cannibals chasing you to spend perhaps days going around the long way, I'm pretty certain they'd be like, "Forget this. Don't we have a bunch of meat back at the last place we trashed? Maybe we should just go eat that." But maybe they used some rope to get across? No, they aren't that smart. Besides, if they did do that, they would've caught the kid before he had a chance to collapse in front of his home base. But wait, they must've climbed down into the chasm so they could wander around in the snow until they found Captain Dynamite's head to shove at the camera when they caught up to the kid and his colony. Yay!

Fifth, Paxton's character was a dufus who decided to go psychotic for reasons. Even when things seemed to be going downhill, he repeatedly made the worst possible choices. "Hey, whatever happened to them resulted in the death of my old military buddy, but this kid is lying or delusional because reasons." "Hey, even though I saw some awful stuff and came here with my pal to make sure nothing like that ever happened again, I'm somehow just a general scumbag."

Sixth, chief stupid-cannibal-vampire-wannabe always happens to somehow avoid getting killed, even though he's quite often near the front of the action. If that were all, it would be terrible enough to ruin the movie. However, that isn't all at all. Somehow, when Paxton's character blows up what appears to be a propane tank, the explosion blows the chief idiot into the ducts behind the fleeing characters so he can continue pursuit. This is the worst decision in movies since having Legolas surf/skate in LOTR.

Seventh, no, just no.

Eighth, "Hey, these people with clear skies have no seed to sustain them. But grabbing 2 or 3 jars of random seeds will save us all!" "Hey, Paxton is a jerk, but let me give him my gun because reasons." "Hey, we're inside a huge structure made of concrete and steel, but we can hear a couple of dudes banging on the front door throughout the colony like the entire structure is a tin can" "Hey, did we really just abandon all those bodies (50) we just butchered at the last place so we could hunt down this kid and the ten people with him?"

Reviewed by Paul Gomes 4 / 10

If only the script matched the set

This film had some interesting premise, a decent cast, and some interesting sets but then didn't seem to know what to do with them. The former NORAD complex in Canada should be a filmmaker's dream. A doesn't scripts could be written just inspired by that site alone. The fact that the best they could come up with is just another sci-fi horror it's kind of depressing.

That said film wasn't actually that bad for a B film. It was entertaining on a certain level, but it is full of plot holes. Running around in an ice age without gloves, staying overnight in a derelict helicopter without a fire, jumping across a gap in the bridge , instead of just walking along the intact steel structure on the edge , tracks in the snow that remain despite blizzard-like conditions... All that just for start.

I had more fun imagining the stories that could have been told about life in their colony, as opposed to the story I was actually being told.

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