The Cold Light of Day


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 31515


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Henry Cavill as Will
Bruce Willis as Martin
Sigourney Weaver as Jean Carrack
Colm Meaney as Bandler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pabobfin 1 / 10

Formulaic to a fault.

The movie is awful. Four word review. Now to expand. It follows a CIA shoot-em up Thriller-wannabe format. There is the McGuffin, which if you find out what it is they have to kill you, and the hostage of the family, the surprise sister with a different mother, and endless chase scenes make me wonder how the Spanish authorities were bribed to let this happen in their beautiful country. Endless product placements starting with Coke, BMW, Range Rover, and the clothing line, forgotten already. Lots of nice cars died for naught.

Bruce Willis is killed off with no reprieve. The cliché would be to have had him live...but no they went straight to the death. He certainly didn't Die Hard, Harder, or Die Again in this one. He just DIED.

There is a poor explanation of just WTF happened, and after finished watching I still couldn't figure out who the players were. Mossad, CIA, Bad CIA, Rogue Agent, Hero Agent, and lots of Uzi's and Semi- automatic guns with endless bullet magazines. Lots of shooting, did I mention LOTS of SHOOTING? Also lots of gratuitous deaths, Sigourney is looking OK for 65, but she's no Dame Judy Dench in this acting fiasco. She's jumped the shark on thrillers I fear. She seemed like the ALIEN in this film.

The Spanish police are made to look like total idiots, and cars driving recklessly through Madrid never once attracted the attention of the POLICIA, not once.

Zero is not allowed, so it earned a 1/10

I'm sorry I wasted the time.

Reviewed by sheldondesousa 2 / 10

I would have preferred to watch paint dry

Expected so much from the Bruce Willis / Sigourney Weaver camp but the movie failed to deliver. Henry Cavill was lead. Yet his co-star half-sister seemed to be more man at getting stuff done. Cavill just got beat up every other 10mins.

Henry Cavill shows us why he wears the red underwear, just wish they make it more frilly and lace in his next sequel coz that's what he portrays throughout the film.

I hate car chases when they seem inconsistent and poorly done and this movie didn't come close. Henry Cavill appeared to be a newbie behind the wheel of a BMW which seemed to weave at just about every corner while Sigourney Weaver in a Range Rover appeared calm as if the SUV was on rails. So much for German engineering. Maybe he should stick to flying.

Overall not a memorable film. I could warn friends and family not to waste their time but why should I be the only one to endure the misery.

Reviewed by Trafe 7 / 10

Action packed start to finish

Totally underrated at 4.9. Action from start to finish. Story line not dumbed down. And even the acting is okay. Is this in the action genre? I'm not sure what people are looking for anymore. I mean if Speed back in 1994 can have a rating of 7.2, a hijacked bus which keeps speeding around the whole movie coupled with mediocre acting... You get my point. If you want spy drama, and underdog, an action thriller, well worth a watch.

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