The Cokeville Miracle


Action / Drama / Family / History / Mystery / Thriller

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Jasen Wade as Ron Hartley
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Nathan Stevens as David Young
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jazzpimp 1 / 10

Offensive to my sensibilities.

The entire movie builds and fixates on the "miracle" of the children spared by the volume of prayer. I guess people didn't pray enough at Columbine, 9/11, the Holocaust. Just make the movie, tell the story and leave the dogma/indoctrination in the margins. A gesture or footnote detailing the beliefs of some which casts no shadow over other stories without a "miracle". I'm not preaching hate. This movie fails to find balance and by virtue of the above sentiments connoting a highly selective deity who punishes, by inactivity, sooooo many other people. Not the kind of deity you want in your corner or on your TV screens. I think said deity would take offence at the suggestion.

Reviewed by justin-mulvey 4 / 10

Like a bad mystically Christian X-files episode

The movie builds the bomber well in the beginning. The creators develop and interesting character, and an even more interesting dependent, sickening relationship of his wife towards him. The unfolding of the hostage taking also is well planned. However, the aftermath when the cop goes door to door hearing children's stories of grandma angels made me almost stop watching. It was saccharin with an undertone of Christian righteous I-told-you-so,-god-does-exist-dom. As with Christian rock, if you are a Christian, you will probably like this movie. If you are not, I would spend your time watching something better.

Reviewed by macpharlan 9 / 10

The tale of two ratings

I finished watching this movie and was surprised on how it could only get a 5/10, although the acting was lacking, the story was compelling especially being based on actual events.

Reading through the reviews it seems that this truly is a tale of two view points. If you like a fact based movie, or can relate to a religious minded community, or even if you are not religious but can see how a religious community would take this event as faith building, you will love this movie.

The other half of the reviews that give this a 1 are mainly summed up thus. You either hate religion in general and are offended that a religious community would give credence to their God for what they plainly see as a miracle, or you are of the other spectrum, you claim to be a religious person but are bigoted towards religions that are not yours.

This was a faith based community that obviously sees this experience as a miracle from God, it does not attack other faiths, if this was a Muslim community it would be praise to Allah, not sure why you want to change the facts to make everyone happy.

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