The China Hustle



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrtimpson-67619 9 / 10

Interesting and Informative

Interesting Documentary. Worth watching. Seems like the "China Hustle" will keep happening for a while. Muddy Waters Research from this movie has an interesting report on CIFS on their website and is currently short CIFS. I'm curious to see what happens to that company and the stock.

Reviewed by xiandaihanyucidian 5 / 10

Focus on the documentary, not content.

Just offer you some ideas and opinions which you might never and won't heard of. The 5 stars are for the structure, light, music. Not the content. If you want a documentary in rich of content, go to BBC documentary. US documentary is really not good (include NG and Discovery).

1. I do not want to talk about the content. As the directer/writer has an excellent record and obtained good reputation as a documentary film maker, I trend to believe most part of his story. I say most because some part of it is really not accurate and misleading, and some misunderstood of Chinese culture (old saying) is not acceptable. But I won't talk about that.

2. What I want to stress is the back ground of this film. As this is the early April of 2018, the whole world is discussing the trade war between US and China. Is this an interesting time point? Let's go back to the beginning of 2018. While The head of FBI start to describe Chinese student and scholars in US are potential spies, the trade war was started. Then, mainstream describe Chinese student as China's Long Arm reach to US campus. You have to know if you want to start a war, there are 2 things must be ready: first, you have weapon; second, you have an army to support you. Obviously, the accuse on poor students is the best drill for a war. As you may know, China has no strong response to the accuse to the Chinese student. The trade war is on the way. Next thing is you have to make your own people to support you. The best thing for government ever is propaganda. Thanks to my father, I know how government machine works and how propaganda vanish itself as truth. Finally, the time point which this "documentary" film come out is very interesting. It might be more persuasive if it comes out several months earlier or later.

3. I am not trying to say this documentary is good or bad. Same as all the documentary film, you are listening and watching through the director's eyes. When I see other reviews, I feel there is no difference between east and west. People do not think, people just follow. Think by yourself. (Actually, there are more horrible unbelievable stories)

Reviewed by jazfro 7 / 10

Investigative critque loses focus

The documentary highlights a little-known scam on the US stockmarket: the fraudulent sale of so-called "high growth" Chinese stocks through reverse takeovers of so-called shell companies. In itself that story would have been worthy of consideration. However, the producers and director have elected to weave this into a critical narrative of capitalism and the US economic institutions which distracts from the main story. One of the highlights of the movie is when they document how little US banks, regulators, stockbrokers, investors, etc. knew about China in the first place. This story was not so much about the corruption or weakness of US institutions against the alleged malevolence of scheming Chinese (and American) stock-pushers, but about the ignorance of Americans about the rest of the world. I'm holding my breath about the sequel to come about the next wave of sham investments about India, Africa, or another place Americans know little about.

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