The Centerfold Girls


Action / Thriller

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Aldo Ray as Ed Walker
Mike Mazurki as The Caretaker
Andrew Prine as Clement Dunne
Francine York as Melissa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 7 / 10

He just wants to "help" you.

Andrew Prine is consistently amusing in this notable 1970s exploitation feature, which is divided into three acts. In each act, he stalks a young woman; the intended victim in each case has posed for the same pin-up magazine. You see, our boy Andy, a bespectacled, dorky man with a priceless wardrobe, is one of those self-righteous moral crusader types who thinks that it's his job to rid the world of "filth".

In act one, he pursues Jackie (future soap star Jaime Lyn Bauer), who makes a big mistake when she offers to help a seemingly harmless stranger named Linda (Janet Wood, "Foul Play"). Jackie is then hassled and terrorized by Lindas' creepy hippie friends.

Act two: Andy targets Charly (Jennifer Ashley, "The Pom Pom Girls"), who's travelled to an isolated island to participate in a risqué photo shoot. He proceeds to decimate Charly's companions on his way to doing away with her.

Finally, he aims to eliminate stewardess Vera (Tiffany Bolling, "The Candy Snatchers"), and it's here that he is actually presented with more of a challenge, since she's a tougher cookie than the others.

Some viewers may be dismayed at the nasty, hard-edged, mean-spirited approach to this story, as female characters are often put through the ringer. Almost every male character is a disgusting piece of work, and there's no shortage of unappealing women, to boot. Some victims are more sympathetic than others.

If you adore cinematic trash, you may be entertained by the story structure, and the graphic violence, but you'll especially be pleased by the abundance of female nudity.

An impressive roster of familiar faces helps to lend some gravitas to these sleazy proceedings: Aldo Ray ("We're No Angels" '55), Teda Bracci ("C.C. & Company"), Tallie Cochrane ("The Candy Tangerine Man"), Ray Danton (director of "Psychic Killer" and "The Deathmaster"), Francine York ("The Doll Squad"), Jeremy Slate ("The Hooked Generation"), Mike Mazurki ("Donovan's Reef"), Janus Blythe ("The Hills Have Eyes" '77), Connie Strickland ("Act of Vengeance"), Anneka Di Lorenzo ("Dressed to Kill" '80), and Dan Seymour ("To Have and Have Not"). Prine is a hoot as he chastises his victims over the phone, uses his straight razor to cut pictures out of the magazine, and puts on his favourite record.

Scripted by TV veteran Bob Peete ('Good Times'), and directed by John Peyser, whose credits were mostly in TV as well, this offers some twisted fun for any viewer who savours the trashy delights from this decade.

Story by Arthur Marks, himself director of such things as "J.D.'s Revenge" and "Friday Foster".

Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 1 / 10

Naked corpses: nerd with razor murders pin-ups

Exploitation bottom-feeder casts Andrew Prine as a vintage car-driving, vintage record-playing nutcase in wing-tip shoes and horn-rimmed glasses who manages to get the phone numbers of all the centerfold models in Bachelor magazine (did his fingers do the walking?). He abhors their sinful displays of naked flesh, calling the nubile beauties to warn them of his wrath before following that up with a little straight razor action. Jeremy Slate as a police lieutenant belatedly shows up an hour into the proceedings to do the usual movie-detective work, but Prine's hit list is pretty well completed by this time. Absolutely awful mixture of titillation and bloodshed: first show off the naked body, then show off the naked corpse. Old pros Aldo Ray (as a camp manager who likes a fight from his women: "When it comes out easy, baby, it's not worth it!") and Ray Danton (as a glorified pimp brow-beaten by his lover) pretend to be interested. * from ****

Reviewed by tristanb-1 9 / 10

excellent exploitation flick.

Superb exploitation nasty. I loved this one. Real dirty and gritty and fast moving. Well-directed with some nice performances.

Andrew Prine is perfectly cast as a saddle-shoe-wearing nerd who is out to "save" all the calender/pin-up girls he can ("save" as in split their head open with a razor). And he really goes about his business. With his ultra-skinny physique and creepy/quirky demeanor he projects kind of a low-rent Norman Bates quality.

Film has three (or is it four?) different stories, each following a girl that Prine is tracking down. The killing is ruthless and quick and somewhat unsettling. Also unsettling is that the girls bounce from one horrific situation to the other like pinballs (ALL the men in this movie are creeps - and most of the women, too!!!).

If you get a chance, and if exploitation with a sharp-edge is your bag check this one out, you might like it.

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