The Cabin


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omendata 3 / 10

Cabin in the woods it is not!

Totally mediocre at best, stalk and slash derivative - with to be honest not much stalking or even slashing. The best slash in the movie was when I decided to go to the bog for one!

Annoying actors you want to see offed from the start and the usual strange locals in the petrol station at the beginning could have been taken from a dozen of this type of movie. It did have an Irish ccountryside vibe about it from the beginning but soon became obvious this was going to be another Wrong Turn ripoff!

Dodgy , wobbly camerawork did not help either and poor old Sven the killer just grunted his way through the tedium!

The plot; what there is of it, is not explained and to be honest I found it really boring with not much in the way of interesting kills, motive or tension.

Reviewed by xxxno_complyxxx 2 / 10

Absolute muck

Had to turn this diabolical mess off. Terrible acting, brutal overdubbing, terrible camera work. Pretty sure my dog could make a better movie.

Reviewed by hossamghazal 1 / 10

Fake disappointing fear

This movie has nothing new to exhibit to us So traditional and similar to dozens of repeated movies

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