The Brothers Bloom


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 66%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Bar Patron
Rachel Weisz as Penelope
Mark Ruffalo as Stephen
Adrien Brody as Bloom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rooprect 8 / 10

If Mephistopheles were a good guy...

Reviewers have noted "The Brothers Bloom" 's similarity with the films of Wes Anderson, and rightfully so. My first impression was that this film is like "The Royal Tenenbaums" meets "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (Frank Oz). But there's something more, an undercurrent of masterful planning and architecture, as if some invisible puppet master were pulling OUR strings, not just the fictional characters'.

Then it hit me. This is very much an Orson Wellesian approach. If you're not familiar with Welles, the self-proclaimed fraud, trickster and amateur magician, consider that your next assignment. In all of Welles' films (especially check out "F for Fake") he assumes the role of a benevolent puppet master, controlling the audience perhaps more so than the actors on screen. As my title implies, the Wellesian modus operandi is a very devilish approach, but it's a good devil. A playful devil. Like Puck in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night, nobody really gets hurt (and if they do, well... it's all in good cheer).

That said, here's the setup of "The Brothers Bloom"

A master story writer "Steven" (Mark Ruffalo) scripts these elaborate con jobs, dragging his reluctant brother "Bloom" (Adrian Brody) into the drama. Over the course of their illustrious, illusionary lives, Bloom becomes dissatisfied and decides to quit the con business. Steven agrees to let him go, if he will agree to do one last con...

What makes this film work is that it's full of bizarre, suspenseful, clever twists which we realize are all carefully planned by Steven. This sets up an air of passivity amongst the audience as we realize we are being taken for a wild ride, and someone else is in control so we can just sit back and enjoy it. In that sense, this is an anti-thriller (a thriller being a story that keeps you stressed out, wondering what random mishap will befall our existentialistic protagonist next). "The Brothers Bloom" experience reminds me of a Hollywood haunted hayride where you know all the monsters are actors, so you relax and have a great time.

But trust me, this does NOT get boring. On the contrary, it keeps you on your toes trying to second guess the author. And each time he bests you, you smack your head and say "Ahh good one!"

The artistic style of this film is quirky and fantasy-like with hyper saturated colors, elaborate sets & grand locations which take us far away from our regular day-to-day. This is the director's way of assuming complete control over us. We are taken into a bubble, a micro universe where every detail is significant & carefully planned. So leave your preconceptions at the door and strap yourself in for whatever goes.

Reviewed by Matt Greene 7 / 10


I don't know why, but I always seem to fall for movies that seem untrustworthy, like they might be lying to us at each turn. This especially works when the movie itself is about trust and lies like Brothers Bloom. Ambiguous in its ethics and story, its hyper stylish, hyper beautiful, hyper plotted, and just plain hyper. Sure, it's not quite as deep as it thinks, but it's too much fun for me to be overly bothered by that.

Reviewed by BadSausages 1 / 10

No, it's not

I can't tell people that they aren't entertained by this film, that they aren't engaged by the characters, etc. People like it, they like it.

To be sure, it has a few funny moments and reasonably good acting. The best actor (Rinko Kikuchi) is the one with essentially no lines. Second best is Rachel Weisz. I don't care the other two leads, but if you like them, they're what they always are. The direction is interesting, although I wouldn't go so far as to call it good.

The film suffers from the fatal flaw of not having a destination. It's a story that plays out as a con within a con within a con ad infinitum. It could end anywhere. Any one of the cons could be the final con. The real mark is the audience.

Absent spoilers, all I can say is that the things that are supposed to be real are impossible. The truth, we know, is that this is a film. Nothing in the film is real. A good film, any good film, creates a reality in which the audience understands what is real. This film doesn't come close to achieving that. To the contrary, it seems to avoid that. So where does it leave us?

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