The Breadwinner


Animation / Drama / Family / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 9504


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by syedsafwaan 10 / 10

Raise Your Word's Not Your Voice..Truly a Master Piece ..I Have Seen

I'm From India...Literally i Loved this Movie Very Much...(Raise Your Word's Not Your Voice , It's Rain that makes flowers grow not thunder) these words describe all itself..!! this movie i can proudly share to my Social networking sites..These Anti-Islamic organisations (LeT ,Taliban , ISIS etc..,) destroying peace and islam..Thanks for Nora and Deborah and all Supported Cast and Crew..!!!

Reviewed by veinctor 10 / 10

This is why 2d animation will never die.

This movie gets a perfect score for me, but it's not for everyone.

Recently I saw many movies and even animated movies. But they were all made to impress in cheap ways such as huge stakes, awesome CGI and well known actors. The Breadwinner for me does so much more with so much less.

This movie however is about characters you wouldn't normally care about. About a story so far from your living room that you wont bother to check. And yet, this is why it touched me. It's a realistic take of a distant world. The characters and situations are as down to earth as possible, even compared to live action movies. The soul this movie has, with the small stakes of a poor family and even how a girl copes with the loss of her brother, is what most directors and writers fail to deliver. The movie gives many cultural elements of how an Afgan family lives, how men differ from women and how the whole city works.

I had to check and see if everything depicted in the movie was real in some way. This was a fictional story but so well crafted that left me stunned. I thought it could be a biography like the 10 year old cartoon movie Persepolis (which has similar style and setting) but it's not.

The description of this movie "an 11-year-old girl who cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy to support her family", put me off at first because it reminded me of Mulan. This may not be a blockbuster but it is a superior film made by a smaller company.

Reviewed by edg0123 8 / 10

Definitely one of the best animated films of 2017

There were some pretty good animated movies that came out last year, like Coco, Loving Vincent, and The Lego Batman Movie, but there were some that were on the worse side, like The Emoji Movie and The Boss Baby. And The Breadwinner definitely falls into the better side.

Along with unique and impressive animation, this movie delivers an interesting story that is told very well. It is certainly not the happiest movie, with the main topics focusing on sexism and war, but it is not trying to be happy, rather, it tries to be hopeful and enlightening. It treats these topics with respect and dignity, and seems to know what it's talking about. The music is used appropriately and is honestly fantastic.

The only negative things I could say about this film are that the voice acting is okay and the ending could have been executed better, with it ending maybe a little too abrupt. Also, it feels a bit short and the pacing is a bit fast at times.

Sadly, The Breadwinner will not win best animated picture at the Oscars, because both Coco and Loving Vincent are better made movies and are more popular. But, this film deserves a chance to be seen, as it is not only one of the best animated pictures of 2017, but is one of the most underrated movies of that year.

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