The Brain That Wouldn't Die


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 5307


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sherparsa 1 / 10

there are cheezy movies and then there are chee Z movies!

and this one is even below Z if there were more letters in the English alphabet that i could use!

OK, agreed the story is certainly good, maybe very good and Virginia Leith is such a beaut' indeed ... the cast acceptable but the acting terrible!

to be fair though, either the copy i saw was edited and missed some small yet important parts, or if it was the whole movie in its entirety, then it's lacking a lot in the plot as well as in the execution of that plot ...

maybe since the budget was too low or something but this could have been a much better movie even with that low budget if made and acted in a more proper way ...

fine for seeing once to see a little failed piece of cinema history but not more than that ... i'd be certainly interested in watching the new version of the same story that's reportedly a comedy and due coming out in 2018 though ...

'til then ...

Reviewed by JLRVancouver 6 / 10

"…chock full of heady goodness"

No matter how ridiculous the story, how silly the script, how inept the acting or how dire the special effects, there is always something in classic cult movies that keeps people coming back for more. In "The Brain that Wouldn't Die", it's the iconic image of Jan's head, sitting in a pan, framed by equipment that looks like it was taken from a high school chem lab. Those scenes, the moody music, and the quick cut to the pictures of cats ("Meow") when the two B-girls are fighting, are enough guarantee this movie multiple viewings. Jason Evers is the woodenly scurrilous mad doctor and the lovely Virginia Leith is Jan (both corporeally complete and 'in caput'). Much of the movie is a leering search for a suitable (i.e. stacked) replacement body - as Donna says: "Your eyes are going to have a field day". You could also have a post-feminist field day analysing this movie: a women, left with only her mind, is muzzled by a man fixated on her body when she attempts to assume a dominant role in their relationship and when, by showing solidarity with the man's previous victim, she gains the upper hand, she is punished by that classic misogynic death: being burned alive. The movie is a 6 to anyone who would watch beyond the opening credits.

Reviewed by Nigel P 6 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

This is a cheap and cheerful horror entry from 1962 that could easily have been made twenty years earlier, where huge swathes of conversational plot contrivances are passed between static characters in virtually blank sets. With echoes of Frankenstein, this story alerts us to the experiments of accomplished Doctor Bill Cortner (Jason Evers) who may or may not have been stealing amputated limbs from the hospital in which he works, to further his mysterious efforts. When his fiancé appears and pours herself all over him (still in the same scant hospital set) and says "There is nothing that can keep us apart," you hope against hope that nothing disastrous will befall the young couple.

Yet, the plot is cruel, and pretty soon an appalling and awkwardly (cheaply) staged car crash occurs that tragically separates Jan's head from the rest of her. Worry not, for love conquers all and soon, her bandage wrapped head, fully made-up you understand, is brought back to life while Doctor Bill finds her another body.

My tone is glib, of course. And while I am a nobody who will never amount to anything, the people behind this film have recorded something that will live on on celluloid – however, the tone here is never entirely serious. Although it is played straight – possibly too straight – and the imagery is occasionally gruesome (indeed, this was completed in 1959 but claims of its 'tastelessness' delayed its release for three years), there is a drive-in Saturday afternoon, tongue-in-cheek quality to this designed, it seems to me, to make teenagers groan and roll their eyes whilst enjoying every earnest moment.

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