The Boy


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Mike Vogel as Dad
Rainn Wilson as William Colby
David Morse as John Henley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 5 / 10

Drags on,not much,but doesn't go down as a piece of garbage

So,The Boy,no,not The Boy where the creepy doll comes to life,that's actually a good movie. This...this is not. So,The Boy is about a nine year old boy who's fascination from killing grows more and more from ferrets,deer's and people. So,I don't really have to much to say about this film,this could possibly be like the smallest review I've ever done,but The Boy,is not a very good film,I love the idea it's like,maybe,The Good Son or Orphan except,this is just nothing,the film is just about a boy,who lives with his father who owns a motel in the middle of nowhere and ehhhh,yeah? He develops this thing for killing,OK. The kid actor actually,though in this,was probably the best thing in the entire thing,his performance,was brilliant,considering he never barley even acted by the look of it,he deserves like an Emmy or something. The Boy,may have a good performance,but,ugh!,nothing new..

Reviewed by philipposathina 8 / 10

A great original, a little "flat" yet realistic drama!

Well, innocence is not angelic by definition. At least not always. It can be evil as well. This story underlines this fact in the most straightforward way i have ever seen on screen. Actually i am one of those who think that as people grow up, it's instinctively the evil that prevails in their choices and it's only through education, culture, experience and guidance that they get to understand that moral values should prevail as the only way of coexistence with other human beings. All living beings have instincts, so do humans. All living beings have "wants" cause they have needs, so do humans. Only humans, unlike animals, have also a brain that makes them want more than just a basic self preservation demands. And once they are not efficiently trained to pursue their demands without making second thoughts about a coexistence code given the existing human society, the only rule that prevails in their brain is the rule of the jungle. The "boy" in this film looks like an angel and actually could be not far from being one. But living without anything that could provide him with essential things to face the absolute loneliness and lack of any code of how far he can go with his -actually not at all excessive - demands he just gets to consider normal, things that should otherwise be taught to avoid. Trying to do his life better(he actually wants to escape from the isolated place he is doomed to live in) he gets gradually more and more accustomed with death and finally does not hesitate -actually he does it as if it's a fully justified, natural thing- to bring about the ultimate horror. Ted -that's the boy's name if i remember well- is not at all illustrated in this film as the cursed satanic "Demian" of the "Prophecy" child. What we have here is the case of a very normal, intelligent, extremely sweet, really adorable little fellow and not of any evil spirits possessions, anything but that. Actually that's what makes the story and its leading character more frightening than any corresponding "Profecy" or "Halloween" screen child murderers. It's just a sweet next door little man we have here, could be mine or yours and yet far too unknown far as his needs are concerned, needs which potentially under certain circumstances may cause destructive events and get us to really know him through them when it's too late. The film itself is very "flat" in the sense that not too many things happen in the most of it, but it's this "flat" approach that makes it realistic and so very interesting to watch as it slowly yet persistently introduces us to the "boy" 's world. In brief, a very honest, very good American film about two beautiful blue, sweet, angelic, innocent and yet evil eyes.

Reviewed by Doctor_Dexter 8 / 10

Excellent movie, but don't expect cheap thrills.

The reason why some people give this film a bad rating is probably because they come to expect the usual blood, gore and cheap thrills the horror genre so often depends on.

This film is much cleverer and way more realistic than that. It shows how a neglected, deeply lonely young boy can become involved in horrible thoughts and acts, and it's so good at that that you can't help but empathise with the kid, at least part of the way. Near the end it (obviously) gets a lot darker, but who's to blame, really? A nine year old? Or his absent and/or incompetent, neglectful parents? The film doesn't firmly put the blame anywhere, but gives you plenty food for thought. It also has the hallmarks of a psychological drama, but you'd wish more horror films were as intelligent as this one is.

Recommended if the above appeals to you. If you're simply hoping to scare your girlfriend into holding hands, look elsewhere.

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