The Bourne Ultimatum


Action / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
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Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons
Scott Adkins as Agent Kiley
Albert Finney as Dr. Albert Hirsch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Floated2 9 / 10

Jason Bourne at his peak

The third film of the Bourne series shows more growth, and is assured more exciting with each successive installment. Firector Paul Greengrass continues to up the speed for this satisfying continuation to the saga of amnesiac spy Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). This film hits the ground running right alongside Bourne as he continues to evade his government ex-employers while searching for his true identity. This is one relentless chase from start to finish, with some terrifically suspenseful set pieces, expertly-staged smash-ups, and incredibly brutal fight scenes.

As in the most previous installment, The Bourne Supremacy, Greengrass is a bit too enamored of the shaky, hand-held documentary-style camera work, rendering a lot of the action a bit too chaotic and dizzying visually, but that doesn't detract from the smart plotting, spot-on performances, action that ends this trilogy on a series-best note (at the time). Overall, we see Matt Damon portraying Jason Bourne at its peak as everything appears to click and the film is an over intending thriller

Reviewed by Parker Lewis 10 / 10

Waterloo, the Guardian, and Bourne...just as Facebook became a presence, and Twitter was invented

When Bourne I was released, there was no Facebook an Twitter. With Bourne III, Facebook became a world presence, and Twitter was one year old believe it or not, and the junior senator from Illinois was about to boldly declare his nomination to be the Democratic Party in the 2008 presidential election. Still, the CIA could still track Bourne without Twitter.

The London Waterloo scenes are impressively shot, and I wondered how it was done. You can read about it in The Independent article "Paul Greengrass admits tricking commuters during Bourne Ultimatum filming". During the filming I saw some bystanders pointing to Bourne. It's Matt Damon!!!

Also impressive were the scenes in New York City. THe Big Apple comes alive with Jason Bourne. One poignant scene was where Julia Stiles' Nicky Parsons has a hairdo while on the run, that painfully reminds Bourne of his murdered German girlfriend (Franka Potente), who appears in a flashback in this movie.

Who would have thought that Bourne would return a decade later in Jason Bourne?

Reviewed by hasse-94-667053 3 / 10

I can't believe why people find this movie so great?

I really enjoyed the intelligent characters and plot in The Bourne Identity, but this piece of crap is just destroying everything that was great about the first Bourne movie. It seems like someone has forced 10 monkeys to write an arbitrary story line. It has literally no coherent plot whatsoever.

It is just a long and surprisingly boring series of consecutive man hunts accompanied by ridiculous cliché lines like "We've got to move!" and "They are on the run!" - and this annoying "Now-things- are-really-exiting" music score. News: You can't have peaks, if you try to sell every god damn scene like it was the most exciting clip in the history of movies ... then everything just ends up looking ridiculous!

Insultingly many plot holes, like how CIA is always able to put at least 6 men on rooftops and around in the park in matter of seconds, no matter where on the globe the rendezvous is. And how no one bat an eyelash of a high speed pursuit through close traffic in NY shooting in every direction, and wrecking 100 cars on the way. Are we supposed to believe that that's normal procedure at Langley? Please!

And finally the camera movements - it does not, and will never compensate for a lack of story, to let the movie consist of ½ seconds clips with hand-held camera and poor focus! Most of the man hunt scenes (which is pretty close to 90% of the movie) looks like they were taken with a mobile phone by a jogging cameraman with spastic seizures! That might be fun to play with, as an artistic feature in a Dogme movie - here it just makes the movie almost impossible to watch! :-O

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