The Book of Henry


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 14729


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Lee Pace as Dr. David Daniels
Naomi Watts as Susan Carpenter
Sarah Silverman as Sheila
Dean Norris as Glenn Sickleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian Rupert 8 / 10

Enjoyable movie, but spreading misinformation

I really enjoyed this movie. It was sad, but the acting was excellent as always with the main characters. I liked the point that was made about apathy being one of the worst things in the world. If you see something, say something. People need help and can't always get out of the situation themselves.

As for why this doesn't get a 9/10, I don't appreciate the misinformation it tries to spread. Many non gun owners know nothing except what they see in movies. Unfortunately this movie only spreads more completely false info about guns, something Hollywood loves to do since most are rabidly anti-gun. 1. Suppressors are not "illegal for civilian use". You can buy them, but you have to fill out forms with the ATF, wait several months for a very long background check, pay an extra 200 dollars for the ATF fee, get your fingerprints taken at a jail or police station, get the chief law enforcement officer of your area to sign off and give you permission to own one, THEN pay for and pick up the actual suppressor months later. They are extremely EXTREMELY rarely ever used in crime. They don't make a gun silent, it is still as loud as a jackhammer. They simply deaden the sound some to make a gun less obnoxious and less dangerous for the shooter and those nearby. They aren't evil, they aren't some assassins tool like shown in the movies. Each individual suppressor is numbered and strict records are kept just as with actual firearms. In some countries, it is seen as rude to shoot your gun without a suppressor. They should be seen as something needed for hearing protection and noise reduction for shooting ranges, etc. Not some mythical assassin tool.

2. The gun store owner in the movie would never sell a gun to anyone without a background check. Gun store owners have to keep a FFL license with the ATF which has incredibly strict record keeping. One tiny mistake, and your license gets pulled and you might go to jail depending on the issue. I don't care how much you offer a FFL holder, they aren't going to sell you an illegal firearm. Out of the millions of FFL holders, this is an extremely rare occurrence. These people have to go through intense background checks, regular inspections by ATF agents where all gun serial numbers are compared to what is in inventory and what has been sold. One single missing gun and you lose your license forever. There is constant record keeping, special security at the place of business. The driver's license or state ID for each sale is kept on file, and the person's background is checked through the FBI for each and every sale. This movie makes it seem like you can go into any gun store and slap a couple extra hundreds down and get something "off the books". Nope. You will be told to leave immediately, you might even get a visit by the cops later just for asking.

I see no reason why they showed this shady business going on at an actual gun store except to spread even more misinformation and hate towards gun owners and businesses. Criminals buy their guns illegally on the street the vast majority of the time, or they talk someone else into going through the background check and doing a "straw purchase" (which is very illegal).

There's nothing wrong with being anti-gun, all gun owners ask is that you please get real info to form your opinion, not what you learn in a Hollywood movie.

Reviewed by imogenkane 10 / 10


People based a lot of there opinions about this film off of the plot giving it a bad review, but deep in this movie you really find something. i cried along with my best friend and my mum. i would recomend this movie to anyone who loves a good cry and simply enjoys a film and not the plot.

Reviewed by treyftness 10 / 10

Absolutely incredible!

This movie had me in literal tears the entire time. It's an emotional rollercoaster, but it has no predictability. If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say it is nothing short of powerful.

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