The Black Sleep


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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John Carradine as Borg aka Bohemond
Basil Rathbone as Sir Joel Cadman
Lon Chaney Jr. as Mungo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by poe-48833 8 / 10

"... the corridors of Eternity..."

Basil Rathbone is at the top of his game, here in THE BLACK SLEEP. A solid production, with solid performances from all of the leads (especially Akim Tamiroff as Udu/Odo "the gypsy," the part originally to have been played by Peter Lorre) and some solid direction. "You're only Legally Dead," Rathbone tells the man he framed for murder: "Justice has been satisfied." When it turns out that the dead man they're operating on is, in fact, alive, Rathbone again shrugs it off: "In the interest of Science, anything- ANYTHING!- is justified." Lon Chaney, Jr. stalks the halls, attacking anything that moves (including his own daughter), while Lugosi creeps around cleaning up the doctor's messes. It turns out that in the basement are John Carradine (who comes out swingin') and Tor Johnson, among others. Not a bad lineup, if you ask me. (I once saw a man in a heroin-induced "coma" standing on a corner one day: his eyes were shut and he didn't move for an hour. Talk about a Black Sleep...)

Reviewed by snicewanger 6 / 10

Doctor conducts monstrous experiments hoping to find a cure for his sick wife

The Black Sleep reunited some of the old horror stars of the 40's into one last hurrah.It was supposed to be a through back to the Universal chillers made during WWII.Fright vet Reggie LeBorg was at the helm for this opus. A friend Chaney's, he tried to get the most out a group of tired old actors and a stodgy script. This was Lugosi last true film and the poor guy was on his last legs and more pathetic than creepy. Tor Johnson was a graduate of the Rondo Hatton school of acting. Rathbone does his usual scenery chewing as Dr Sir Joel Cadman, and Chaney is more of a drunken stumble bum than terrifying monster in his scenes.He's got nothing on Carridine ,however, as one of the nuts kept in the basement dungeon. Tamiroff gives the only nuanced performance among the nominal stars as Cadman's sinister assistant.

Herbert Rudley and Patricia Blair are both totally miscast as the juvenile leads.Rudley was way too old for his role, and Blair was wooden in hers. Blair said much later that she and Rudley definitely didn't like each other and that he was constantly criticizing everything she did and bullying her during the filming.

What does work are the sets and the make up job on the victims of Cadman experiments who who have become mutant monsters and are imprisoned in the bowels of the castle. The final when they are unleashed to wreak havoc on their tormentors will give a case of the willies to the younger viewers as it did me.

The Black Sleep is a curio and of interest because of it's cast of aging horror stars. I saw this film on Frances Farmer Presents on local Indianapolis TV in 1963. Ms Farmer hosted an afternoon movie program of movies from Hollywood's golden age. Occasionally a star of the film being broadcast, in this case Clair Carlton who was in town appearing in a play would be a guest.Apparently she and Ms Farmer had worked together in the 1930's. I can't remember what she had to say about the movie.

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 9 / 10

Fun Movie

A really fun movie to watch and a super role for Basil Rathbone. Rathbone plays Sir Joel Cadman, a mad doctor of sorts, that wants to heal his wife of her brain tumor but the horrors he's caused to others in search of a cure for his wife is unspeakable. Expect a grand ending to story of John Cadman's chamber of horrors.

The main focus here is on Basil Ratbone! John Carradine gets a small spotlight thrown on him, while Tor, Bela and Lon are mute but highly important characters to the film.

This is great late night movie - easily a "dark and stormy night" film!


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