The Big Short


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
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Margot Robbie as Margot Robbie
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Christian Bale as Michael Burry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by serafinogm 10 / 10

The best movie detailing the engineered financial collapse during Bush II

The movie wasn't entirely accurate some average people did know that subprime mortgages, balloon mortgages (5 year balloons which proves this happened entirely on Bush II's watch), etc. were a ticking time bomb. I was one of them, in 2005 when I invested in the mortgage business specifically in an outfit called American Home Mortgage, I only invested in them because they did not engage in subprimes or other risky loan practices, but guess what while on vacation in Orlando with my family, summer 2007, I saw my position and my kids positions in American Home Mortgage disappear via a Treo phone. American Home Mortgage was the 10th largest mortgage company in the country and it was the first to go! Anyone with half a brain saw the bubble but virtually everyone I knew, including my fat redneck boss, hung on every word spoken by Alan Greenspan and Alan was telling everyone to stay the course and all was well. This movie shows the criminal dealings of Goldman Sachs but they got bailed out and no one went to jail. This will happen again! This country is nothing more than a criminal enterprise! Kudos to Iceland for jailing the banksters and helping out the homeowners! By the way words right out of the idiots mouth: "We can put light where there's darkness, and hope where there's despondency in this country. And part of it is working together as a nation to encourage folks to own their own home." - President George W. Bush, Oct. 15, 2002... Bush gave the green light, through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to risky lending practices, and that's a freaking fact!

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 8 / 10

Great film - energetic and interesting

Based on the true story of how the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) came about from 2005-2008, 'The Big Short' tells the story really well by mixing humour, facts (delivered in an unconventional way by celebrities) and following four tenuously-linked groups who have skin in the game. Vennett (Gosling) introduces us at the start of 2005, via a unique fourth-wall-breaking monologue, placing the players on the field - I'm using this terminology, as most of the film (and Wall Street in general) can be likened to gambling. It may sound boring on the surface - a film about banking and finance - but it does a great job of explaining the terminology in simple terms, whilst not being condescending about it.

The groups involved are Burry (Bale), a fund manager and prodigy of sorts, who first sees the housing bubble and notices that the big banks have been over-valuing mortgages (sub-prime). Baum (Carell) and his small company are offered the opportunity to "short" the banks' mortgages by Vennett. Geller (Magaro) & Shipley (Wittrock), two young entrepreneurs, who seek help from their mentor, retired Wall St mogul Rickert (Pitt) also pick up on what' happening and get in on the action. It's great to see the banks gleefully taking their money, being so cocky and greedy, only to have it all blow up in their faces two years later.

I think Carell, not Bale, should have been Oscar-nominated for Best Supporting Actor! Baum serves as the film's moral centre and calls everyone on their fraudulent behaviour. The film almost acts as a documentary when it delves down to the individual family level and makes you truly realise how little these large corporations care for other humans. The most bittersweet part is the ending - "and then the crooks went to jail, Congress brought in reform and the fraudulent system was overhauled - just joking! They didn't go to jail, Congress was lobbied so no reform was passed and the big banks were bailed out by the taxpayers" - funny, sad, and true. Really makes you think, but is also a well-made film with excellent acting.

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 7 / 10

Innovative and interesting, but hardly pefect

If this book's charge was difficult (translate the entire financial crisis through a few compelling characters), the film's charge may have been tougher (translate the entire financial crisis into 2 hours of pop entertainment). I give the movie bonus points for innovation and acting. The complete tear down of the 4th wall was bold, and the performances by Bale and Carrell were fantastic. BUT there are downsides to the approach. In this case, Every wink wink nudge nudge moment kept me a little more distant. And the moral arc suffered as a result. It was a pop film with a conscience, but - if you want a financial crisis movie - go see Margin Call.

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