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Rebecca Hall as Mary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

not Spielberg's best

Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is a 10 year old English orphan. At the witching hour, Sophie spots the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance) who takes her to the Giant world to avoid her alerting the public of their presence. The BFG is actually a vegetarian and the runt of the group. The other giants are bigger, bullies the BFG, and eat human beings. The BFG collects dreams and Sophie comes up with an idea to warn The Queen by manufacturing a nightmare about the human-eating giants.

The Giant world is intriguing both visually and in substance. There may be some holes but it still works. Little Sophie has the required cuteness mixed with a pluckiness. Rylance is great. The adventure could be a lot more adventurous. There is turn before the third act which takes the magic of the story and plants it squarely into the modern world at a specific time. There is one fun joke but mostly, the story loses its magic. There is a way for the movie to fully satisfy its dark fable core but it seems to lose that thread. The movie is still fine but it's missing a truly heartfelt drama. The major difficulty is any comparison to Spielberg's earlier classics. The feeling is different and this will not be one of his celebrated best.

Reviewed by Riddler2 10 / 10

The Master Of Film Returns With A Magical Family Fantasy Which Will Enchant Families For Generations To Come!

After Bridge Of Spies Which I Adored The Master Of Film Is Back With An Enchanting Family Fantasy, I Had Been Crying Out For Steven Spielberg To Do A Family Film For A Very Long Time The Last One Was War Horse Which Seems A Long Time Ago Now But Anyway What A Magical Enchanting Family Movie Event This Is I Saw The Film In The Cinema Back In 2016 And I Absolutely Adore This Magical Journey Into Giant Country And Dream Country, If You Have Children And You Are Looking For A Enchanting Family Movie To Watch With Your Family I Must Very Strongly Recommend This Enchanting Family Fantasy Of Pure Escape Which We All Desperately Need In These Troubled Times, The Performances Are Top Notch Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton, Rafe Spall, Rebecca Hall give amazing performances and are at the top of their game and help the film achieve the film's pure flights of fantasy and pure imagination and will enchant children for decades to come I am definitely going to be showing the film to my children and nieces and nephews! John Williams's Enchanting Score Lifts The Film And Makes The Film Soar In A Very Similar Way To ET In That The Film Really Soars When We Fly To Giant Country Dream Country etc! Michael Kahn's Editing Is Outstanding Here It's His Best Editing Work For A Long Time Just Outstanding Janusz Kaminski's Cinematography Again Outstanding! To Conclude The Master Of Film Has Made A Magical Enchanting Family Fantasy Which Will Enchant Families For Generations To Come, Thank You Steven Spielberg Yet Again For Another Masterpiece And John Williams For Another Enchanting Score!

Reviewed by lkloring 10 / 10

Adorable Movie

This movie was all about kick-back, relax and enjoy your childhood once again. Adorable movie.

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