The Best Offer


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.8 10 90253


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Donald Sutherland as Billy Whistler
Geoffrey Rush as Virgil Oldman
Jim Sturgess as Robert
Sylvia Hoeks as Claire Ibbetson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mahermoqamer 10 / 10

Best of alltime

If there was a movie then it is the best offer what a great movie

Reviewed by Barbara Ritthaler 4 / 10

Oh please...

What a disappointment. The sets are beautiful and the movie starts of well and it is watchable, mostly because of Geoffrey Rush.. The Robert character is not believable and neither is Donald Sutherland's Billy. The story holds up until


the protagonist is beaten up. After that, I immediately figured out where it was heading. The agoraphobic lady is so very annoying: a sane person would run away from her after the first phone call. She sounds so fake. The whole movie is fake and it's a shame, because it could have been so much better with little effort.

Reviewed by Carlos Idelone 6 / 10

Something a Little Wonky

I have mixed feelings/thoughts about "The Best Offer". I'm surprised by the number of people who said, that they could see the ending coming early on. Did they know, that this was supposed to be a caper/crime film ? I knew nothing about this and being raised on "Disney", most of the way through I fully expected this to be a sweet or possibly tragic love story. I found the "twist" at the end to be so abrupt, that it was confusing and seemed unfounded to me, based on what had gone before. I obviously didn't pick up any of the hints people say were so blatant

Accepting the ending, I can see this film, as a psychological study of the power of emotion over intellect in a person's life. The main character, it seemed, had been running from emotion his entire life. To protect himself, as many of us do, from uncontrollable emotion, he adopted a very strong intellectual approach in his dealings with others. We see, that he hid a very strong vulnerability to romantic love, which displayed itself in his private gallery of women's portraits. "His" women were delicate, aesthetic works of art, with none of the inconvenient messiness of reality. I think, that he possibly had been raised on "Disney" princesses also. When, in the film, he met a woman, who piqued his intellectual interest, his defenses were lowered and he believed, that one of his fantasy women had manifested in physical reality. This left him vulnerable to his hidden emotional desires and in the film to his downfall and humiliation.

If the aim of the film, was to show this character study, I think, that it needed to be more introspective and subtle and dispense with much of the melodrama and gimmicks, that it embraced. I found the "caper" plot, to be too intrusive and abrupt and in that, it overshadowed and preempted the man's inner struggle.

This is why, I saw the film as being at odds with itself and thus a little "wonky". I found it very well done until the final scenes, which I found rushed and lacking in redemption a man of this intellectual capacity may have experienced. The art direction and cinematography were wonderful. The acting, especially by Geoffrey Rush was touching.

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