The Beguiled


Drama / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 30309


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Kirsten Dunst as Edwina
Nicole Kidman as Miss Martha
Elle Fanning as Alicia
Colin Farrell as Corporal McBurney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnchristopher-1 4 / 10

The Beguiled is a yawn-fest. Or, act two is a great time for a nap

Honestly, I can appreciate a slow building drama that takes its time to build characters. Unfortunately, this remake of the film gives us very little in the way of conflict or tension after the setup and introduction of the characters.

There is some decent acting here from the cast, but I found it nearly impossible to see any detail in their faces due to the choice of shooting in very low light or artificially creating the effect in post. While I can't place blame entirely on the film as our local theater may have had issues with their projection system. Still, I prefer to see the expressions in actor's faces, otherwise I might as well be listening to a radio play.

The film could have been a full stop brighter and adding some fill light on the faces still would have allowed the look to be dark and drab as it was apparently intended.

By the time we get to the third act we still aren't rooting for our protagonist and frankly it's not completely clear until the climax that it's supposed to be Kidman's character. The editing is unimpressive.

This remake of "The Beguiled" isn't anything special. I suspect the jurors who awarded Coppola "Cannes Best Director Award" must have not have seen the film. For me it was best summed up by a phrase I overheard by a nearby audience member, "Is that it?". Yes... I'm afraid so.

Reviewed by nepeta 5 / 10

The 1971 version was way much more interesting and thrilling

Yesterday I watched the remake of The beguiled and I found it much less impressive than the film made in 1971, but I couldn't remember so well the older version because I watched it more or less 20 years ago so I decided to watch it today to make a comparison. I find that the new version was completely spoiled by PC fanaticism. I don't understand why Sofia Coppola left out Hallie the slave, slavery was a key point on the American Civil war and Hallie was an important character with lots of interesting dialogues. She also left out the scenes of the crush between the soldier and Amy, the 12 years old girl in order to not shock people with paedophilia. The incestuous memories of Martha were also left out. In summary, she impoverished the characters, their relationships and their thoughts to avoid shocking PC people and replaced the interesting varied characters by a group of pretty blondes. The first version is much more thrilling and interesting. It's a shame that now with much better make up and photography the core of the film was spoiled.

Reviewed by houstons-82952 1 / 10

Have mercy!!

One of the worst movies i have ever seen. One hour later after the movie started, my wife smiled at me and said she was sorry for dragging me to that movie. I like watching these kind of movies with the company of my wife, but not this time. A few minutes before the end, i had the feeling that the film turned to thriller, but the end was so.... I mean, come on guys!!! Sofia (Coppola), what the hell!

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