The Beast Within



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Ronny Cox as Eli MacCleary
Don Gordon as Judge Curwin
L.Q. Jones as Sheriff Pool
R.G. Armstrong as Doc Schoonmaker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 5 / 10

The Beast In Me.

Being in a Creature Feature mood,I started looking on Netflix UK for flicks in the genre. Aware of auteur film maker Tom Holland's name from his directed titles,I was intrigued to find one he co- wrote,which led to me unleashing the beast. The plot:

Conceived after his mum was raped by a strange beast (what a cheerful way to start the film!) 17 years ago, Michael MacCleary finds himself becoming very ill. Rushing to the hospital, Eli and Caroline MacCleary are told that Michael is suffering from his pituitary gland mutating. Fearing it is related to the attack,Eli and Caroline decide to take a deep breath and visit the city where she was attacked. Whilst his parents place their hopes on saving him by finding out about Caroline's attacker,the transforming Michael starts to howl at the moon.

View on the film:

Replacing original composer James Horner, Les Baxter counters the splatter effects with a magnificent score which injects the title with an atmospheric bite,thanks to Baxter's spidery sounds climbing up the fear of the beast being unleashed. Pushing any "subtle" tones aside for Baxter,director Philippe Mora & cinematographer Jack L. Richards stab a ripe splatter showcase,bursting with pulp air- bladder special effects that cover the screen in rotting green and brown ooze.

Although some of the special effects displays are (unintentionally?) hilarious (such as everyone just standing round a bed silently for 5 minutes as the set piece takes place!) Mora still rubs up a grisly Grindhouse mood,where the warm fuzz of the pitch-black sets give the film a wonderfully grubby appearance. Splitting the tale into a series of "nights",the screenplay by Tom Holland & (uncredited) Danilo Bach take on Edward Levy's book huffs and puffs its peculiar werewolf tale,as dry attempts to dig into Michael and his family situation,lack the weird shocks from Mora's special effects. Whilst working as just a co-writer here,Holland shows a clear eye for kicking off the "boy who cried wolf" major theme that would continue in his work,via Michael's pleas to everyone about the evil falling on deaf ears, until Michael reveals the beast within.

Reviewed by gantami 7 / 10

Mad Movie Musings: The Beast Within

If you like movies where the emergence of a murderous beast-cicada sex predator every 17 years serves as a metaphor for the recurrence of hidden psychological trauma, then this is the movie for you! Partially bold, partially sleazy, totally 80s. Les Baxter's awesomely colossal score drives things along. Director Mora dealt with the concept of psych trauma again a few years later in Communion.

(I'm an enthusiast, not a critic. Thanks for reading.)

Reviewed by Shawn Watson 5 / 10

This movie makes absolutely no sense

Director Philippe Mora has made a career out of very unusual movies from two awful Howling sequels to the mindf**k that was Communion (try making sense of that movie when you are 11 years old!). One of his early efforts was this nonsensical creature feature where everyone seems to be giving earnest performances for better or worse.

Beginning in 1964, a newly-wed couple run into road trouble in Jerkwater, Mississippi. The husband (Ronnie Cox) runs off for help, leaving the wife (Bibi Besch) to be ravaged and raped by an unseen monster.

Flash forward 17 years and the child offspring of this non- consensual mating is very sick and on life support. Eager to find out what really happened that night they return to Jerkwater, Mississippi and begin to assemble the clues.

The first half of this movie is pretty good. There is some atmospheric Panavision photography, sympathetic performances (especially from Cox, before he was typecast as a bad guy), and a pleasing riff of perversion. In the second half it completely falls apart. The "big explanation" does not add up and belongs in a completely different movie. Nothing makes sense at all. I almost feel that two writers bumped into each other in the street, dropped their scripts, gathered up the pages and went into production not knowing that their pages were mixed up.

I can see why this has never become a classic. It might have been a decent VHS rental back in the 80s when no one knew any better but this film has rightly fallen into obscurity in the modern era.

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