The Battery


Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matt Kfr 8 / 10

I liked it.

So I thought this movie had a solid story where you have two guys who were originally just baseball teammates and acquaintances who decided to stick together after the zombie apocalypse.

This movie had a good take on zombies being fairly slow and easy to kill. I liked the character development.

There is one downside to this movie and it's why I only gave it an 8. It feels unfinished. This might be interpreted as a spoiler so spoiler warning.

Throughout most of the movie the one character is trying to find these people he hears on a walkie-talkie radio. He reaches out to a girl who says that her group's safe zone is "not what it seems". All I'll say is the movie never fully builds on this. It just went in a different direction than I expected. I would have thought they would have been tormented by this group's leader (sort of like in the Telltale game The Walking Dead 2). That doesn't happen at all. Instead the rest of the movie they are stuck inside their car.

It's worth watching at least once. The film makers are selling this movie for $5 on their website. Is it worth it? Not really. Maybe $2 rental on Vudu or something. They should work out a deal with Netflix, Redbox, or Youtube Red instead if they want some revenue from this movie. Or even offer it for free on Youtube and collect ad revenue.

Reviewed by fung0 9 / 10

Brilliant new addition to the zombie genre

I'm truly astounded by the mediocre rating for this superb little film. The Battery has humor, horror, character and visual style. It packs more cleverness into each scene than most movies - including those with 10 or 100 times the budget - manage in their entire length.

The story is deliberately slim: two average guys (who happen to be baseball players) wander the countryside some time after the zombie apocalypse. One of them is easy going, happy to take each day as it comes. The other is lonely, living in denial and longing for his old life and our vanished civilization. That contrast is played out in a series of vignettes, each with a sly and subtle point.

The dialog is very sharp, and the two leads are played to perfection. The pace and style of the film are unusual: it really feels like a camping holiday, where there's no hurry about anything. It's also hilariously self-aware. This is the kind of zombie movie where the characters have actually seen every previous zombie movie. Call it a post-zombie road-trip movie. It comments on the genre, while extending it in an interesting new direction. It lets us get to know its characters, slowly but thoroughly, and shows us how average people might really feel in a world empty of people but filled with undead menace.

The ending came as a bit of a surprise to me, but it made more and more sense the longer I thought about it. This definitely is a movie you'll want to think about. One that will stay with you. Top-notch, on every level.

Reviewed by Nigel P 8 / 10

Slow but compelling.

Initially, the world following a zombie holocaust (which is never really explained – they are just there, and have been for some considerable time) is almost an idyllic one; this story is set entirely in the country, where the creatures are less likely to frequent, according to Ben. He and Mickey are two young men who have been thrown together as a result of the catastrophe, and have formed a spiky, yet amusing friendship, and the lack of structure society now has allows them time to appreciate nature, to go about things at a leisurely pace. Only occasionally, when a zombie is discovered in a car they want to use, or a building they enter, do things become unpleasant – but Ben in particular, has become so casual about the creatures, he will shoot them amidst a conversation with Ben!

There are many set-pieces here that offset the horror with the darkest humour: Mickey awoken from his slumber in the car to find an 'attractive' young female zombie attempting to get in, and being unable to resist a round of masturbation as she rubs herself against the window – only to be shocked out of his pleasure as the woman is shot by Ben, who then disappears into the woodland howling with laughter; Ben equipping the sleeping Mickey with a baseball bat as he lies in the bedroom of a house they've commandeered and then pushing a zombie into the room and holding the door shut, in a bid to force his friend to overcome his aversion to killing; there is radio contact made with other survivors, but in a cruel twist, these people want nothing to do with Ben and Mickey. The final set-piece is the biggest – trapped inside an immobile van surrounded by zombies. These undead creatures are less violent than in many other films, but the fact remains their bites are deadly, and they never tire – so when hours turn into days for Ben and Mickey's incarceration, surrounded always by rasping, moaning creatures dolefully attempting entry, it is only a matter of time before a decision has to be made (when we last see him, Ben is staggering away from the marauding masses who seem incapable of catching up with him, with begs the question – why didn't the two men make a run for it earlier?).

Jeremy Gardner, who writes and directs, is Ben – outwardly a laconic layabout but actually a methodical thinker mentally the stronger of the two; Adam Cronheim plays Mickey, who reveals himself to be finding it more difficult to cope with what has happened and has a longing for female company – indeed, it is that longing that helps cause their downfall. The relationship between the two is the main focus of 'The Battery', and they hold attention throughout, whilst the zombies are deliberately kept in the background, their existence commonplace. It presents a different take on familiar backdrop and contains little in the way of blood and gore. With that in mind, it is hugely recommended viewing.

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