The Basketball Diaries


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Leonardo DiCaprio as Jim Carroll
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by azurastones 10 / 10

Heart-wrenching, hard-hitting and well acted drama

I was 15 when I first saw this film and I think that I watched it at the perfect time in my life, I was able to relate to a lot of the emotions the characters were feeling at this turbulent time in a teenagers life. Leonardo Dicaprio's acting in this is some of his best and he captures brilliantly the painful descent into drug addiction.

There is lots of swearing and violence is also common place: two groups of boys get into a fight, the main character has a dream in which he strides into school with a shotgun and shoots his classmate and teacher, an old woman is mugged and then attacked by two main characters, a character is threatened violently by a bigger man, a man falls off a roof and onto a car below (he dies).

Drug use is, obviously, also common: characters smoke cigarettes and weed, they snort cocaine, take a wide variety of pills and inject themselves with heroine (the actual injection isn't shown on screen but we see the tourniquet, the needle, the drug, and the scars on a characters arm).

Sex is also present: there is a scene with a scantily clad stripper, two characters kiss passionately, there is a sex scene off screen and we see the two characters half-dressed in bed afterwards. Prostitution is another theme with many people often offering the main character money for sex, including a male teacher. There is only one scene where prostitution actually takes place however it is harrowing, nothing is explicit but we see money exchanging hands before the older gentlemen gets on his knees and the main character unzips his trousers.

Ultimately this film is a warning and so nothing is held back (including a disturbing scene in which a character goes through excruciating withdrawal), its the kind of film that when its over it stays with you. It's become one of my firm favourites.

Reviewed by powermandan 9 / 10

It's A Bit Unoriginal, But The Raw Power This Possesses Makes Up For It All.

Among all the actors that have influenced me over the years, Leonardo DiCaprio dates back the farthest. Every time I see him in a movie, I'm completely amazed. After his breakout film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" brought him into the limelight, this film took him up a notch. It is arguably Leo's best pre-Titanic role.

The Basketball Diaries is an autobiographical look into the life of Jim Carroll. Jim was a New York teenager who enjoyed horsing around and aspired to be a basketball star. Jim's environment sucks: his neighbourhood is full of poor wackos, his mother is poor, his best friend is dying or leukaemia, and his high school consists of priests and normal teachers who are physically and sexually abusive. Jim and his pals are at a boiling point. As they just want to have fun and escape the horrors around them the craziest in Jim's entourage, Mickey (played by Marky Mark) gets them a hold of drugs. Jim soon finds himself addicted with life spiralling out of control.

So this is pretty formulaic: a youth with all the potential in the world escapes harsh realities by turning to drugs and hits rock bottom. But what makes this different and better than most is raw power. I started this review raving about DiCaprio's performance. He really is that good, one of his best. He is able to show such an enormous range starting with a smart teenager and ending as a junkie near death. He doesn't switch gears into the different stages of Jim's fall, he gradually flows. That's something no other young actor had the talent to do. It is so special and is so rare for anybody in anymore to tackle. No matter the stage in Jim's life, Leo plays him with such conviction. That's why this remains one of Leo's best. I know many people still rave about "Gilbert Grape" being Leo's best, but this is actually far superior. Arnie Grape was really a one-note character with little range and a small outpour of emotion.

The supporting cast keeps this from being a bad movie with a great performance. This was one of Mark Wahlberg's first movies and he nails it. Ernie Hudson has a bit part as Jim's neighbour and he's awesome. And this is Lorraine Bracco's best role other than "Goodfellas."

The directing is also impressive. The farther Jim descends, the more filming changes and the more cinematography does. I know Martin Scorsese did this in "Goodfellas," but The Basketball Diaries does it all in different ways.

Every aspect is full of overwhelming emotion and natural raw power, keeping this from being just another drug picture.

Reviewed by Screen_Blitz 6 / 10

Powerful, but not as effective as other anti-drug movies

In this biopic based on true events, Leonardo Dicaprio stars in his first leading role as Jim Carroll, a high school teen in Manhattan who plays on the basketball team along with his friends Mickey (played by Mark Wahlberg), Neutron (played by Patrick McGaw), and Pedro (played by James Madio). The four begin sprawling the streets of downtown Manhattan, experimenting with illegal drugs and prostitution. Soon, they begin experimenting with heroin, which unexpectedly grows into an addiction. Before too long, their lives begin descending into a downward spiral when their addiction takes a toll on their high school career as well as their home lives.

Many anti-drug movies such as Trainspotting (1996) and Requiem For a Dream (2000), succeed on painting realistic pictures on how drug addiction damages people's lives as well as deliver clear messages on why you shouldn't do drugs. This one does manage to give an authentic look on drug addiction with the main character. When you watch as he and his friends steadily transcend into a life of heroin addiction, they get involved with crime including robbery, theft, assault, and eventually homicide. They also end up getting kicked off the basketball team, expelled from school, and even exiled from the comfort of their homes. The movie does do a decent job at highlighting the perplexities that their drug addiction leads to. The main problem however is that the story pays very little emotional investment, and it makes the plot less effective than it should be, not to say that it fails to deliver its message. Aside from this, as the story approaches its final act, the film goes into some rather strange directions. For instance, one of the characters leaves the group not wanting to grow further into the heroin addiction. From there on out, we never learn what happens to him or what. Then there are some drug-charged hallucination scenes like the infamous school shooting scene and a scene showing Leonardo Dicaprio's character get shot while shooting a basketball that made almost no sense.

Overall, Basketball Diaries is not too bad for a film. Even though it may not be as effective or believable as other drug-themed movies, it still manages to be somewhat powerful and deliver its message. The cast also deliver some good performances, especially Mark Wahlberg.

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