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Mischa Barton as Kelly Owen
Tracie Thoms as Lauren
Sarah Nicklin as Reporter Amanda Kincaid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjsreg 2 / 10

5 minutes at the start, and 5 at the end. That's it

This is one of the most boring films I have seen in a long time.

Any sense of wonder or suspense disappears after a few minutes because the story is predictable and just plain stupid.

The only reason I gave this two stars is for the acting, which was reasonable considering everything else.

Watch five minutes at the start, and five minutes at the end, and that is the whole story worth giving time to.

Reviewed by cb-114 1 / 10

Boring, bland, cheap, predictable. The only real torture is to the viewers....

There seems to be a recent trend of low budget movies where the "action" takes place in one room/location and is focussed on 2 main actors for virtually the entire 90 minutes. This is one of those movies.

It's fair to say there isn't really much of a plot. In fact, the entire movie is a bit like watching two students in a method acting class being held in a dimly lit room. While there is an element of torture horror, it is very predictable and adds nothing to the "plot". If you're a gore fan, you will be disappointed.

Sadly, Mischa Barton's total screen time amounts to around 5 minutes of cutaway scenes - I'm guessing she turned up on set for no more than a couple of hours at most as a favor to the director.

In summary, if you enjoy serial killer movies, you will have an infinitely more enjoyable experience watching old episodes of Criminal Minds.

Reviewed by Sam Panico 5 / 10

An interesting take on serial killers...

The Gemini, a deranged serial killer, has been torturing and killing people in the basement of his San Fernando Valley home. But once he meets famous musician Craig Owen and his girlfriend Kelly, he may have met his match.

The Gemini (Jackson Davis) has already claimed seven victims, maiming them and decapitating them with a blowtorch. He's a master of psychological mayhem, but it turns out that Craig (Cayleb Long) may be even better. They play a back and forth game of identity for the entire film, with neither ever holding the upper hand for long.

Craig is abducted while buying champagne for his wife and awakens in Bill's basement, who turns Craig into the killer and himself as a number of personas that are interrogating him. Jackson Davis is great in this as the killer, bringing a variety of voices, mannerisms and pure insanity to each new role. Seeing as how this is a film where two actors have to carry most of the weight, both Davis and Long really hold their own.

There's also a subplot where that wife -- Kelly (Mischa Barton, making her second recent appearance on this site) -- deals with an affair Craig is having. This made me feel like I was watching two different movies.

Directors Brian Conley and Nathan Ives may not have done many movies that you've heard of, but this movie proves that they're two talents to watch. The film looks really great, with special attention being obviously paid to lighting and shadow. I think they both have a great film in them and this is a good start.

The torture scenes here gradually increase in how rough and gory they are, starting with smashed teeth and only getting worse. There's also a plot twist or two here, but you'll be able to spot them coming from a few hundred feet out. It also owes a lot to Split, but is a more down to Earth tale.

That said -- the climax does NOT skimp on the gruesome, offering a real surprise. That part I enjoyed. I could have done without the one month later denouement, but some people like having things explaining. At least after an entire film of Micha Barton feeling estranged from the plot, it ties it all together.

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