The Bag Man


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Robert De Niro as Dragna
John Cusack as Jack
Dominic Purcell as Larson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CousinBagunca 5 / 10

What is in the bloody bag?!

This ons is a weird one to review. Looking through other reviews, most people gave it negative reviews, calling it predictable or whatnot. First things firsts, I thought acting was fine. Nothing top notch, but fine. Cusack's role, Jack, is likeable and, even though he's some sort of hitman, you care for him.

The plot is strange, to say the least, but I guess that's because everything is roughly explained. Some acts are odd and makes no sense. I mean, the beginning of the movie seems like the director lost part of the footage and had to come up with something. One act with De Niro and Hodge didn't fit the overall movie plot, to me at least.

It was obvious that staying in motel room 13 wasn't going to be an easy task. What I thought was weird is that everybody is after that goddamn bag, even though none of them seems to know what's inside it.

Of course every act is explained in the finale, and when that happens, it leaves a weird impression. De Niro's motives seems dumb and uninspired, but then again, if you come to think of it, it's pretty much the same with any mob boss impersonation in any movie.

I thought it was an OK movie to watch. It kept me hanging, wandering what was in the bag, but I must say I wasn't overly attached to knowing what was inside of it, questioning every act and so on. I was only following the story and trying to make sense of it.

It was a fine movie to waste some time in a quiet Saturday afternoon.

Reviewed by racfr 7 / 10

It isn't that bad actually

OK so I read the horrible reviews this film received, so when it was playing on TV I wasn't that excited. And then I just started to watch it, and it turned out to be not so horrible after all.

In the first few minutes it looked like some cheap Tarantino-ripoff, only without the good dialogue and style, and it was painful I have to admit. The interactions between the characters aren't as witty as funny as in a QT movie, while obviously the makers were aiming at capturing the same atmosphere, but it just comes off painfully unfunny and forced.

But, after 20 minutes the movie starts to become slightly different, like somehow the makers just decided to 'OK we can't copy Tarantino so let's just make our own movie'. There are actually a few good jokes and even a really minor portion of style as well. In the second act the movie almost catches up, there are a few moments of actual tension, while also some good jokes. I also liked the kind of mystery surrounding the main character, as his motives and whole persona isn't quite clear in the first part of the movie.

It is too bad that in the third act the movie turns from 'kind of funny-weird but OK' to 'completely ridiculous' in about a few minutes. Characters just start to make idiotic decisions (which wasn't usual before), motivations make no sense and even change from one extent to another, and all in all the whole stuff doesn't make sense anymore. Maybe the creators just realized that they were at the end of the movie, and something like 'hey this is the end of our Tarantino lookalike movie, so let's just make a you-didn't-expected- everyone-shoots-at-everyone ending because that makes Tarantino movies good, right?' went down, what completely ruined the movie in my opinion.

There is also a huuuuuge plot hole as well, where one character's motives are just doesn't make ANY sense, although you will only realize that after the last 'reveal' scene of the movie. BTW, the whole mystery of the bag is a bit (OK, way too) forced, they tried to build up this huge anticipation and mystery about it, but you can easily guess by the end, what is in the bag after all.

A bit waste of good talent as well, Cusack is always likable and he delivers his standards here too, DeNiro clearly does not take things too seriously (in fact, a bit over the top, especially at the end, which just further emphasizes the awfulness of the whole scene). I haven't heard about the female lead before, but I found her OK in this movie.

All in all it's a 6.5/10 for me, it is a perfectly disposable, one- watch thriller that's actually not bad when it's not trying to be some other movie. It could be quite fun if you have the right mindset for it.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 5 / 10

Lame story

You would think that a movie with an interesting cast should made a better movie than The Bag Man. The story is long and going nowhere at some point. In the beginning it's all okay but at one point you start wondering what the heck they want to prove. John Cusak isn't bad but the story-line doesn't plead in his favor. Rebecca Da Costa just has one facial expression during the entire movie and after a while it's getting annoying. And it's clearly not Robert DeNiro's best role ever, let that be noted. The movie could have been better if it was not for the lame story. I wouldn't waste my time on this one if I were you. I wish I didn't but for me it's too late.

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