The Backpacker


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrossan 3 / 10

must have lost his way....

This is a very odd movie.

Technically it is near perfect - beautifully lit, well shot, sound is great, very well edited, and yet.....

While the filming is so good you can practically smell the Australian bush, the scenery spectacular, the script is, well, rubbish.

The lines are delivered in a monologue style, dull and expressionless, weakly spoken and at a strange, high pitch.

Knowing one of the actors personally, I can attest to the fact his voice is nowhere near as weak and high-pitched as it sounded on screen.

The film comes across as a project for a film school, one that should attract high marks for technical ability and direction, but not for mainstream or commercial release.

With a good script and strong acting, this film would have been a gem.

Reviewed by (elliottecarter) 1 / 10

"An Insult to One's Intelligence"

So much necessary criticism to level, so little space.

At the top of the list of things wrong with this film is that it was made in the first place: In the absence of a sensible, coherent script, there is no excuse for this film ever getting off the ground or attracting finance.

Second, it was actually released: In the absence of any pride in one's work or respect for one's audience, those involved should NEVER again work in this industry.

In equal third place are the oh so numerous problems within the film, which, to detail, would require touching on every single scene. Every single scene! We ain't wasting that much time here.

But, to give some sort of impression of the level of 'bad' we're talking about, this is a film where a stalker/hunter gives his victim/prey a mobile phone so they can "stay in touch" (as you do), with which the idiot victim never once uses to call the police -- or anyone for that matter.

And if keeping in touch via phone is not enough, the hunter tracks his victim -- not with a GPS, or radio-wave, or any sort of credible technology -- but with a… wait for it… a volt-meter.

A volt-meter. A volt-meter? Yes, a volt-meter.

There is NOTHING redeemable in this film. EVERYTHING is poor: script, direction, acting, dialogue, characters, story, logic and believability.

There is no possible future for these film-makers -- and I use that term loosely -- nor should there be. And, being an Aussie myself, this woeful attempt at film-making does Australia a gross disservice.

Reviewed by Shawn Stetsko 4 / 10

It's alright.

Not bad for a man hunt movie... but not really good either. It was a bit too drawn out and the acting was weak although not abysmal. But the protagonist had a motivation other than just surviving because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and although at times he was kind of stupid he was not just a clueless twit like so many 'victims' are in such movies. The "bad guy" was fairly well played, and at one point when he is injured, he plays it consistently which is nice. There is also one of the neatest little minor characters about half way through which i enjoyed. If you watch the movie you will know what I mean. In fact I didn't see any completely unforgivable incongruities, so all in all I say give it a watch if you have the time and nothing better to do.

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