The Babymoon


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Jessica Camacho as Yesenia
Julie McNiven as Hanna
Shaun Sipos as Trace
Michael DeLorenzo as Ray Lopez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vincent_caudry 1 / 10

How can anyone like this movie??

I was so surprised to read positive critics rating this movie here... Excuse my french but it's the worst pile of crap I've seen in a very long time. Poor acting, awful photography (while shot in a gorgeous place), no plot or so poor, and a lingering pseudo anti-morality that is just pure Trumpism... we are living in a world of morons, I want to move to Saturn... or maybe Uranus, I heard it is friendly.

Reviewed by Chelsie B 10 / 10

Story, soundtrack and direction has the nostalgic feel of an 80's big action-adventure comedy.

I loved how this movie makes it OK to be a couple in their mid 30's, having a baby, and not have everything figured out.

It's a fun, super entertaining jungle adventure. Where the couple finds how to be together as they struggle to find themselves thru separate journeys. As a new parent I found myself emotionally connected to this little film and its perspective from both the husband's and wife's side of things.

Caught this as a very high recommendation from one of the top Mom-Blogs. If you are pregnant or thinking about it, do yourself a favor and watch this movie. No pending baby required, but when you are in this mode, it will hit all the feels.

Reviewed by ret100 8 / 10

On their final vacation before becoming parents, Hanna and Trace get more than they bargained for when Trace is kidnapped by revolutionaries.

This was a sweet indie movie filled with comedy and adventure. Julie McNiven did a stellar job as Hanna, and the supporting characters brought lots of personality and laughs throughout. The Babymoon is a great watch with something for the whole family. I can't wait to see what writer-director Bailey Kobe has in store for us next!

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