The Avengers


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 8.1 10 1124206


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Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Ashley Johnson as Waitress
Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BiiivAL 9 / 10

"I'll free you." - From what? - From freedom.

I think any viewer, buying a ticket for this film, is aware of what he expects to see on the screen. Recently, the film industry has been criticized for the abundance of projects of a purely entertaining nature, including the "Avengers". However, if you look closely - it turns out that there is not so much really good and quality entertainment cinema. Some films are boring, some are bluntly stupid; and, for the most part, it turns out that "entertainment" can be called only a few luxuriously shot scenes, and at other times the viewer is forced to entertain himself with popcorn and cold cola. So the "Avengers" is a completely different case.

I'm not a fan of comic books, and the attitude towards this genre is rather negative, because of its total zashtamovannosti and uncompromising pathos. However, seeing such a spectacle as the "Avengers", it's hard not to leave your sarcasm aside, and fully enjoy the proposed attraction. Director Joss Weedon, in the beginning, caused me to distrust, in spite of the mass of laudatory reviews, his "Mission Serenity" did not impress me at all; However, in this case, a clear and confident direction is felt throughout the film. Weedon is also responsible for the script, and here I want to note how competently it is worked out to fill the picture with action to the eye, not forgetting about the meaningfulness and clear drawing of the characters' characters. It is a balanced scenario that makes the film look "in one go," and the characters look so charismatic, as necessary for a positive perception of the picture. Undoubtedly, Marvell approached the project very seriously, presenting "Torah" and "First Avenger" last year, these films being technically quite successful in themselves, at the same time became an effective prelude to the main movie event Marvel. And the creators did their best to make the film truly an event that surpassed its historical predecessors. Since almost all the characters are familiar to the viewer, and the story itself is simple and understandable - it makes it possible to fill the picture with spectacular action to the point that it seems unbelievable how all this can fit into one film, even if it lasts more than two hours. At the same time, this is not the case when the entire film is thrown at different locations, trying to diversify the action in this way. The bulk of events takes place on the ship Nick Fury and in New York, but everything is done so qualitatively that not how much it tires. The scene of the massacre in the city in the final is fascinating, although the "scene" is not called the language, because of its wide time frame. For a very long time the heroes will fight the enemy; everything will jump, fly and explode; and all this in an excellent high-quality 3D. And although the film is not without pathos, I was pleased that the question of the police "Who are you to command here?" Captain America did not begin to pronounce his name, which the Russian viewer perceives with his teeth, but simply showed in deed.

Of course, there is a lot of humor in the film. However, if, for example, in the same "Sea Battle" creators used humor as a saving thread, literally pulling the picture from the abyss in certain places; in "Avengers" it is, albeit an obligatory, but an equal part of the overall structure, which works in a complex. This is not the option when you close your eyes to some flaws due to some pluses (an abundance of humor, for example) because there are no obvious shortcomings in all parameters of the production of the film. And the humor itself - yes, sometimes even stiff and sarcastic, chuckling over the heroes and reducing the extra degrees of pathos. In this regard, it is not superfluous to mention that Joss Weedon also had a hand in creating the scenario "Huts in the Forest", but here, of course, everything is in a softer framework.

To say that "Avengers" is a typical entertaining movie would be fundamentally wrong - in fact Marvel was removed practically by the standard representative of the genre, which uses every minute of its timing as effectively as possible. Mass of spectacular action, magnificent picture in high-quality 3D, wonderful soundtrack, sarcastic humor and nice characters. It is this film that should be considered a grandiose opening of the summer season of blockbusters, as it really sets a very high level.

Reviewed by marieltrokan 6 / 10

Condemns unification to being a backfiring morality

A righteous evolution is a wrong lack of evolution

A wrong lack of evolution is a wrong gain of no evolution

No evolution is no progress

No progress is no perspective

A gain of no perspective is a non-perspective of possession

Non-perspective is equal knowledge

The possession of equal knowledge is the non-possession of unequal knowledge

Unequal knowledge is the knowledge of inequality

Non-possession of the knowledge of inequality is the possession of not knowing equality

Wrong is to possess no awareness of equality

Possession of no awareness is awareness

Awareness is separation

Wrong is the separation of equality

Wrong is equal separation

Equality is wrong separation

Inequality is right separation

Right separation is separation of right

Separation of right is unification of wrong

Wrong is wrong unification

Wrong is right separation

Wrong is deceptive separation

Right is honest separation

Right is deceptive unification

Unification is a deceptive morality

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 9 / 10

A very good Superhero gathering

When the world is threatened by Loki who's determined to bring an army of evil-doers to Earth, a couple of superheroes are gathered together in order to form a team and defeat the upcoming invasion. The only thing that apparently stand in the way is their ego, each one of them having an idea of his own, while teamwork is a word which apparently they don't understand.

It's a movie which features a great invasion of Earth while Ironman, Thor, Captain America and a couple of others must fight back to defeat it, and at the same time, struggle to work together as a team. It's one of those movies which amazes through its visuals, presents a good but overused plot in which MARVEL Superheroes show- off their powers while saving the world. As I said before, it looks astonishing, the characters are well described and put into picture, also very well played by their actors, the fighting sequences are top-notch and almost everything is very good. Of course, except the plot which simply wasn't enough to make it a masterpiece. It is good enough to make such a movie entertaining and sustainable, but not good enough to make it truly great.

I like these kind of movies, where very popular characters with superpowers fight their way through saving the world, but it tends to be a bit boring to see how the world is attacked by a not so impressive force of evil, this time led by Loki (very well played but not so impressive as villain), over and over again. Oh, and as a result, the ending is very predictable. Something with a bit more depth could have helped a lot in terms of story. Yes, they tried to add a bit of additional suspense and even comedy through their opposing characters, almost making them fight each other, but it isn't enough from my point of view to make it a truly great movie.

Overall, it's a must see for Marvel fans, for superhero fans and for everyone looking to have a good time. You won't be disappointed by any aspect of it. Just don't expect a breath-taking plot, as there won't be one.

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