The Atticus Institute


Action / Horror

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Rya Kihlstedt as Judith Winstead
Julian Acosta as Young Robert Koep
William Mapother as Dr. Henry West
Rob Kerkovich as Agent Barnes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leon Smoothy 8 / 10

Above average mocumentary you'll wanna see more than once

It surprises me the low average rate this movie has. The multitude of films out there that's not even watchable to the end about similar subjects are huge, yet many has got a higher rating. I don't know if the crowd watching this "low/middle-budget" film are expecting more blood and guts or what? This is quite a scary movie in the way that it deals with a subject actually practiced on a large scale by the CIA in the late 60-mid 70's. It's no fiction, Clinton even apologized for "the hundreds of thousands of civilians, mental patients, prisoners and military personnel abused by the government's in experiments" (among other projects the s.c "MK-ULTRA"). There is a lot of lies flying around the net about these experiments, but what makes this movie interesting is that even Reagan admitted to consulting mediums and (I don't really know the American term for it) "far-seers", people who claimed they could see Soviet activity from USA through their minds, and had used it for his decision-making. That's more than a bit worrying, and it's basically what this movie deals with.

It's a well made movie, scary for those knowing what dealing with the occult from a "scientific" point of view (or any other) could result in. The actors all do a credible job, and it deserves being watched. One of the better movies on this subject made.

Reviewed by Nancy666 9 / 10

How can you hate this movie?

Seriously how can you hate this movie?

Clever, interesting and original The Atticus Insititute gets a thumbs up from me, hats off to writer and director Chris Sparling.

Filmed as a mockumentary, it initially revolves around telekinesis and one particularly gifted woman, Judith Winstead. Rya Kihlstedt who plays Judith gives a brilliant and totally believable performance.

I really don't want to say much and spoil any of it, I'd just say give it a go.

How many noses does a monkey have?

Reviewed by Nigel P 6 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

Much of this documentary-style horror is filmed in flashback. The recreation of the world in 1976 is supremely handled, from the grainy filmic imagery to the fashions of the day to the laboratory equipment being used.

This is as near as what would actually happen should someone be tested for some kind of demonic possession. When someone becomes too uncontrollable and is seen to exhibit such power, governments would have to gain authority over events. And with human beings what they are, corruption is never far away.

Attempting to harness her power for political gain, Judith is told to reveal secrets held by rival governments, especially the Russians, who had previously exploited a telekinetic sensitive of their own.

Beneath all the testing, the electro-convulsive therapy, the bullying, the attempts at control, is the possessed person. Judith was of no concern to her 'captors', and for that, the demon inside her gains a kind of empathy with the audience. You want it to emerge and punish the narrow-minded officials. Only a handful of the original scientists (mainly head man Henry West played by William Mapother) exhibit any kind of sympathy, understanding – even acknowledgement – of the punishment being meted out. And yet as the story reveals, the creature is in control the whole time, influencing what her captors say and do.

The acting throughout is excellent. Although 'The Atticus Institute is as convincing a depiction of supernatural events in the hands of officials as I've ever seen, this results in a lack of pace and spectacle – but that's fine when the results are this good. The ending is low-key, the subtle, enigmatic nature of events in-keeping with the rest of the film. I found this thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, although the excellent Rya Kihlstedt (as Judith) was reduced to convulsing and shrieking throughout the dramatic middle portions of the story, which robbed us of her meticulous attention to shuddering and twitching detail which made the earlier elements of her possession so effective.

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