The Ashram


Fantasy / Thriller

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Melissa Leo as Chandra
Kal Penn as Nitin
Hera Hilmar as Sophie
Sam Keeley as Jamie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dandbone 7 / 10

The Matrix for yogis

I felt this movie deserves a review. I generally like fantasy movies, from the heavy stuff like LOTR to the lighter fare like Jesus of Nazareth and others.

The movie is about a dude who goes to India to find his ex girlfriend who apparently went to India and joined a sect in an attempt to "know herself". Many girls do that, so nothing surprising here. The dude is quite persistent, so he ends up finding the ashram she joined and he joins it, too. As soon as he joins, he starts investigating the ashram and the disappearance of his ex. He eventually uncovers the truth and it's quite unexpected, and I mean that in a good way -- or a bad way for those hoping this is a horror movie.

The movie works because it has a subtle fantasy atmosphere and it blends quite well skepticism with belief. The movie makes the case that miracles do happen all the time, but belief makes us see them. Moreover, miracles are just natural phenomena for which we simply don't have a convincing scientific explanation.

I gave this movie 7 stars because I thought it was quite engaging given there were no car chases and gun battles.

Reviewed by omendata 6 / 10

Romance & Magic

If you believe in Spiritualism and higher things this film will be right up your street.

Good acting and a nice little story with some breathtaking CGI scenery. I would describe it more of a Fantasy Romance than Scifi. Its a small scale production with a big heart and deserves a view if you want more than action , CGI and thrills but want to ponder on the transcendence of the human condition and the marvels of the cosmos and the natural world.

Alternatively , if you are female you will appreciate the romance story and I did too but then again I am a bit of a big girls blouse when it comes to lost love and kindred spirits - A fine little movie that will move your heart and soul just a little which isnt bad in this day and age of crash , bang , wallop movies.

Reviewed by skip-98756 10 / 10

Outstanding and Oh So Different!

What an Incredibly beautiful and interesting movie! What a change from the usual sci fi or action, or murder movies! I found All the actors to have brought such heartfelt qualities to their roles,especially the lead male ,the Guru, and melissa leo...The Guru was portrayed with Great Realism and actually show a Small glimpse of the awesome and mind shattering power a true Master would possess..A beautiful story with a magical,otherworldly vib throughout and a beautiful ending!

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