The Animatrix


Action / Adventure / Animation / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samijoha 9 / 10

Fresh continuation of themes displayed in the Matrix trilogy

The Animatrix shines not as a cohesive package, but as a collection of several different stories by different writers and animators, each different in style and narration.

"Final flight of the Osiris" features 3d animation but falls behind other sequences in style and atmosphere. Plot does not evoke strong feelings either.

"The Second Renaissance" part I & II brings out the sociocultural critique, asking the viewer questions about the uneasy alliance between robots and humans, criticizing the absurdity and utter desperation which war can bring.

"Kids Story" embraces the individuals problem of resisting the conspiracy and staying strong in ones belief. The segment is strongly visual, with an experimental style.

"Program" excels in style and animation; the color palette is beautiful, while contrasting shades are used extraordinarily in the scenes. The result is something one could hope to see more in animation.

"World record" continues the experimental, original animation style retaining a feeling throughout, a clear vision, while staying true to the idea of telling a small tale, like a short story in film. One of the most skillfully crafted plots regarding the ending scene.

"Beyond" is a true gem of this collection; depicting a little scene taking place in the summery afternoon. The glitches in the matrix are one not too often depicted perspective without the usual doom and gloom of the Matrix. The atmosphere is carefree, different and mystical with some nice moments in it.

"A detective story" continues in a fashion of hard-boiled noir-like detective story, with a detective hunting "a case to end all cases." The segment stands out because its own style and genre, while still staying true to the ideology and world of Matrix.

"Matriculated" continues as a post-apocalyptic story in the fashion of Second Renaissance. The animation style changes, showing futuristic 2003 animation production. Overall only a moderately effective story with some substance and attitude, with the most of the attention focusing on the visual aspects, which really get quite psychedelic at times.

Overall a good watch, a collection of early 2000's Japanese animation films with Matrix themes, focus being on the visual aspects, the feeling in the moment, and the society-critique of the Matrix. Recommended if you loved both Matrix and older 80-00s Japanese anime. 9/10

Reviewed by gthgerg 10 / 10

I saw something similar in a far universe

I started to look at this animated series because of the matrix. I liked to use different styles. Other image worlds. Each short film is included to say other hand, forms a whole. Which is closely linked to the world of the Matrix films. Simply brilliant creation. The film is a Hungarian film I could compare. Imre Madách's The Tragedy of Man. Here you can also go through specific ages. Told in the rise and fall of man. Moral of the story, "I have push you, Man! Strive on, and trust" The same is true of the whole universe is a matrix. I recommend this film to all awakening and woke people.

The series uses a variety of visual elements. The ability to maintain the tension and attention all along. There is a lot of correlation between the characters and the story. It is worth checking out even several times. To draw conclusions. I always wondered what was in front of the Matrix. How the machines rebelled. Then they took over the rule over the people. Thinking back, it was not good to find out the truth. I wish I would have remained in ignorance. The whole community was as close as you can tomorrow can begin the process which led to the Matrix.

Reviewed by Xandrieth Xs 10 / 10

A Brilliant compilation you should watch only after watching the Matrix series....

Well, the thing about the movie is that it has great animation, stories, representation, suspense, concept and thrill…. But well, all though it will make you think, rethink, contemplate and stick to till the end enjoying the film to the last bit….. But the thing is you won't make anything out of it. Cause the doesn't show a story but a couple of them. It's basically a side addition to the Matrix series and if you wanna understand this anime…. You gotta watch the Matrix series first….

So don't watch this before you watch that….

But don't dare to miss this after watching the Matrix series.... It goes everywhere the film didn't.... It's totally worth the time....

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