The Angriest Man in Brooklyn


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Mila Kunis as Dr. Sharon Gill
Peter Dinklage as Aaron Altmann
Robin Williams as Henry Altmann
Richard Kind as Bix Field
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NoPantsBatman 6 / 10

An okay movie, not a boring watch

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, directed by Phil Alden Robinson, has a story that revolves around the emotional journey of Henry Altmann (Robin Williams) after he found out he has 90 minutes to live and the emotional journey of Dr. Sharon Gill (Mila Kunis), after she delivered the bad news. My opinion, this is an average movie.

With 83 minutes (1 hour and 23 minutes) of movie I wasn't allowed to have a deep familiarization with all the characters, although there are some moments where I could feel the pain and/or frustration Henry Altmann and Dr. Sharon Gill felt, since they are the most focused and developed characters.

The title alludes to Henry Altmann being an extremely angry person. I personally didn't feel it that much throughout the movie. He has some outbursts during his journey, and some characters mention his deep anger issues, but it made me a little distant towards his angry persona.

I noticed some inconsistencies during the pace of the movie, when sometimes I felt the actions were rushed (which was a good thing since he had 90 minutes to live), and other times it looked like the place had slow down to the point that it looked like more than his 90 minutes had passed.

There are some funny moments, not enough to be considered a comedy, and, although a little bit of a cliché, you can feel the drama surrounding the past and present of the characters.

I could see that they tried to juggle the rush of the characters and the details of their actions. Could've used a bit more work towards a better combination of both, but overall it's a 6 out of 10.

Reviewed by joshlanewellness 4 / 10

like a TV movie from the 1970's

Robin Williams in the park and then Robin Williams as an angry man 25 years later looking exactly the same. A dud of an opening which than continues with mild THAT GIRL situations that are so unfunny and Hallmark TV movies of an earlier era that it is embarrassing that Robin Williams who had been involved with some excellent movies would be in a movie as weakly written with a director who is given over to showing us the most mild well used TV movie situations.

Reviewed by FilmBuff1994 3 / 10

Poor Comedy with a Painful Attempt at being Meaningful,

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is a brutal film with a poorly developed plot and a cast that mostly only seems to be there for the paycheck. The only worthwhile performance in this film is from Robin Williams, who embodies the emotions of a man who is expressive with no emotion but anger. You could really feel meaningful rage from him here, and his monologue in the camera is beautifully performed.

However, it is simply not funny, I did not give a sincere laugh once during it. Most jokes fall flat and the ones that could have worked stumble due to poor pacing and execution. There is also no excitement, as we are following a man who has been made aware that he has 90 minutes left to live, but we are informed straight after that it is not the case, so we watch him run around like a headless chicken not being able to be a part of his adventure cause we know he will be fine.

It also fails at trying to be heartwarming, as it tries to develop a relationship between Williams and Mila Kunis that was very forceful in its attempts to be sweet that it merely comes across as cringe, and the scenes towards the end had me rolling my eyes.

They say that great actors can save poor scripts, but I disagree, Williams was perfect here, there was absolutely nothing wrong with his performance, but he simply could not save a badly written, poorly paced mess. Unfunny and extremely forgetful, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn will only leave you as mad as its protagonist.

A man with an anger problem tries to clear up all his flawed relationships after learning he has 90 minutes left to live.

Best Performance: Robin Williams / Worst Performance: Mila Kunis

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