The Amityville Haunting


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 1 / 10

Surely that was meant as a practical joke?

This movie was one of the worst waste of times I have ever had to sit through. Already from the very beginning, it was painstakingly obvious that this was going to be another delve into the likes of "Paranormal Activity" (which I didn't enjoy either).

But this movie? Come on! They take the Amityville name and then hype it up with one of these oh-so-great-and-oh-so-spooky documentaries, making it into a modern day version of the "Blairwitch Project". Yeah, great. Oh wait, except for it didn't working on any level.

The movie was an endless stream of really bad camera work, interrupted by this blackening-out screen and static sound whenever the entity was about to make something happen or make an appearance. What was up with that? I got thoroughly frustrated by the crappy camera work and the static sounds just added fuel to the fire called irritation with the movie.

"Amityville Haunting" is one of the most uneventful and frightfully boring movies I had ever had to sit through. Nothing even remotely scary happened throughout the entire movie, and I actually dozed off once or twice.

I am not a fan of movies of this caliber, and I didn't particularly enjoy any of the "Paranormal Activity" movies either, but checked them out because of the hype that was surrounding them. "Amityville Haunting", however, is just a cheap imitation of those movies, and then it is wrapped in a casing called "Amityville", a name that us horror fans will recognize from the early 80's.

"Amityville Haunting" was a sad excuse for a movie, and I wasn't the least bit entertained. If you are looking for a horror movie for the evening, or hoping to have at least a single scare, please, oh please, do pick another movie, because "Amityville Haunting" is just not worth it.

Reviewed by atinder 1 / 10

1 because it made me laugh

I have seen all 8 movies and the remake of Amityville. (This movie not to before confused with the upcoming found footage movie

The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes (2012))

(Here comes the 10th movies By by asylum) in the series, which is a found footage movie for the series!.

The movies start with saying, This footage you are about to see is real!.

It start with 4 drunk teenagers who break in and then drink and have sex with there a bit of nudity , while filmed by Phone and we see some one sucked in the door and blood sprays and girls scream and cuts to black screen (This happens under 2 minutes at start of the movie.

Then it cuts to a new family moving into the house Dad and wife, oldest is daughter in her teens, only one boy who's that documenting the things around the house and there a little girl You already know what roles they going to play!.

The acting and script were both really horrendous, all the chacaters are so annoying, that you what something really bad to happen to them, The boy was the only one that didn't annoy me at all!

This movie is not creepy or scary but do have one or two descent jumps scenes here and there and some scare are so utter silly that it will make who laugh!

The movie goes from bad to worse as it goes on and it is really hard to watch this movie, i still can not believe I saw the whole movie. T he worst movie in the series and this has to be one the worst horror movie of 2012! yes 2012.

1 out of 10

Reviewed by sgtking 3 / 10

Has to be 0 for shoddy camera work for starters

It's amazing how fast a successful trend is copied in Hollywood. Filmmakers and studios just jump on the bandwagon to make some bucks. The "found footage" concept is one that has been the subject of many recent Horror films. It began most effectively with the controversial 1980 film 'Cannibal Holocaust.' In 1999, audiences around the world were terrified by 'The Blair Witch Project,' which too used this gimmick. Since then there have been many more examples of this, ranging from quite good to forgettable junk. It appears the next chapter in this trend is making sequels to once successful franchises using this gimmick. I have to say, it's not exactly getting off to a great start.

Pros: Actors do the best they can. At 79 minutes, the film never drags. Fans of the series may dig the homages to the original, including the flies. Making a kid the protagonist is something rare in Horror.

Cons: Perfunctory script. Brings nothing new to the table. Opening sequence has little to do with rest of the film. Lame attempts at scares. Crap visual effects. Tries to tie a real life murder case, specifically The Benson Murders, to the Amityville house. Supposed to be set in the original house, but they didn't even try to find a look-alike.

Final thoughts: Just another useless sequel, which is no surprise. The fact that it's made by The Asylum should give some indication about it's quality. It's not as bad as the painful 'Paranormal Entity,' but still deserves to collect dust on the shelf. Sure we didn't need the other sequels either, but a lot more imagination was put into those.

My rating: 1.5/5

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