The Amityville Asylum


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

The Amityville Asylum: I still don't fully understand what I just watched

After a seemingly never ending string of poor Amityville films the Brits step up to the plate and make one of their own.

This time set in a world where the infamous Amityville house has been demolished and upon the ground an asylum has been built instead (Which immediately makes no sense) A girl takes a job as a cleaner and witnesses strange things happening and questions both her own sanity and the motivations of those around her.

To be fair if you can get past how ridiculous the concept is it's not entirely terrible, sadly the film is.

The plot makes very little sense if any at all, the competence of the film makers is clearly there but not the extent where they could turn this around.

Poorly written and hardly an Amityville feature.

The Good:

Looks okay

The Bad:

Very dull

Plot is baffling

Concept is daft

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Christians getting tattoo's still makes me laugh

Nobody bothered telling the cast they were pronouncing Amityville wrong

Reviewed by Nigel P 5 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

Despite a disastrous interview, young Lisa is delighted to gain employment as cleaner at the High Hopes Hospital. After meeting head Doctor Mixter (Jared Morgan), the chief (only?) cleaner Delaney (a curious Welsh/Russian hybrid played by Lee Bane), she is introduced to some of the patients, including one played by a terrifying Eileen Daly (who also sings the end theme). The first thing that strikes me about this Andrew Jones produced film is how empty the asylum is. Granted, Lisa is working the night-shift, but there is no background noise, nothing. Also, the location of 'Amityville' is something of a mystery. Lisa and the security guard are American, Delaney could be from any number of places, the young female reporter is Welsh and Mixter is decidedly English.

I'm a big fan of Andrew's work, but assigning his low-budget, tightly shot styles to the Amityville series (this is the tenth film in the run) is a curious decision. Having said that, the sequels had become so far removed from the style of the original film by this time, perhaps Jones' slow-burning style isn't that jarring. The idea of High Hopes Hospital being built on the land where once stood the Amityville House is curious – Amityville was a residential area, and this institute would appear to be in the centre of it, not that we are afforded any establishing exterior shots, or barely any outside shots at all – which is why I am never convinced we are actually anywhere near America at any point (we aren't – this was filmed in Wales).

UK born Sophia Del Pizzo plays American Lisa, her accent sounding perfectly convincing to my equally UK ear – although American viewers may disagree. As is often the case with Jones' films, we care about his main character, so that when she begins to doubt her own sanity, we are wishing her well.

Sadly, this isn't Jones' finest hour. Possibly because the link to Amityville is so tenuous, possibly because the coldly-lit slow-burning style isn't what we expect from an Amityville film, possibly because unfortunately it is a very plodding affair … all of these things together are never convincing and rarely frightening. Which is a shame, because the cast try hard, especially Pizzo and Daly, to inject some life into the proceedings.

"Get your hands up, you sick f***!" "I see we've dispensed with the usual pleasantries."

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 4 / 10

Not very good.

This is the tenth part to The Amityville series The Amityville horror is better. Amityville II possession is better. Amityville 3 the demon is better. Amityville 4 the evil escapes is better. The Amityville cure is better. Amityville it's about time is better. Amityville a new generation is better.The Amityville dollhouse is better. The AmityvIlle death house is better. And that is an awful movie. This movie has an awful story line. The acting is awful. The ending is awful. It is not scary. It a very disappointing sequel. Do not wast your money. And do not wast your time. Do not see this awful movie. I need more lines and I am running out of thing to say.

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