The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 372174


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Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Marton Csokas as Dr. Ashley Kafka
Felicity Jones as Felicia
Skyler Gisondo as Howard Stacy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jakeanderson1206 4 / 10

Not perfect, but doesn't deserve the sheer amount of hatred

Alright, I know I'm not the populist opinion here, so I'll go ahead and say what I think and try to articulate why I think this movie is probably the best Spider-man movie to date.

First off, I don't like the Raimi films, I tried my absolute best to tolerate the ridiculous cheese, underacting (McGuire and Dunst) and overacting (Pretty much everyone else) the hoaky writing, the plot holes, the weird character motivations, but I couldn't. I feel that everyone who compares the new Amazing flicks to the Raimi trilogy misses the point of a reboot, its not supposed to be like the old movies, that's the idea.

First off, its undeniable that Garfield far outshines McGuire as an actor, and as Spider-man. Not only that, but even without the comparison, he manages to play a likable and natural High-Schooler (Despite the fact that he looks like he's in college) Emma Stone, well, she almost makes the movie. Marc Webb can definitely write chemistry between characters well, and with Gwen and Peter, it really shines. I genuinely cared about the romance in both movies, which I could not say for the old films.

The other actors are all solid, Jamie Foxx is a great actor, and while his part is not original, it is entertaining and well acted. Props also to Dane Dehaan, who is a great actor and a fantastic Harry Osbourne.

Is this movie the mess of a plot everyone says it is? Not really. I was never confused or befuddled by the absurdity of the plot or situation at hand. However, the only thing I can honestly fault on the film can be Sony's marketing. Putting the Rhino in the trailers was idiotic considering he's in two scenes, and yes, the film feels like its fulfilling a quota of things to do with its plot, but here's the catch: its entertaining. The characters are fun to watch, the story keeps true to the Ultimate Spiderman mythos, and it genuinely makes you care for everyone you are supposed to care for. This, in my opinion is the best Spiderman movie we've had, its enjoyable, exciting, heartfelt, and a very well-written film, but Sony's meddling is very evident.

Reviewed by Jeremia Kamagie 7 / 10

I think it's seven

Not too bad & not too good ,that's what can I say for this movie. This movie has a nice story line,and I think I just like the visual effect. I don't like Sad Ending, actually it's not Sad Ending it just not Happy Ending. I think people like this movie because this is a sequel, so the people like this movie because they like the previously movie. And maybe the people or "The Watchers" like this movie because they curious about the new character. And what I want to know is, where is The Electro? well he just defeated from the battle with Spider Man and after that he's gone. So... yeah this film is Not too Bad and Not too Good.

Reviewed by nexus-37 8 / 10

I was wrong, actually this one was pretty good in my opinion.

Forget the actual story, almost everything about it, then you might like this. This film doesn't use just some humor to amuse watchers, its damn lot more.

I don't surely like this thing changing the original story with all Marvel things but hey, its great entertaining very well made movie? Little cheesy at times but I didn't got bothered. Nice directing and cgi, actors weren't bad at all, all it was that little thing that I would like to call something like "do not push every stuff in one movie". Anyway it somehow worked well. First I rated this 6/10 after seeing some low-level version, it probably had missing parts and all. When I now watched c001 bluray-version it was totally different.

Even if you don't bare these mainstream films much like I don't, it was excellent movie.

Ending was little weird and all but so they are all :) 8/10 Terrific job!

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