The Accountant


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 206594


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Anna Kendrick as Dana Cummings
Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff
Jon Bernthal as Brax
Jean Smart as Rita Blackburn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by salmanharshal 10 / 10

combinatorial plot

Flawless movie and story is very heart touching there is other part of this movie which is father son relation and two brother and sister relation even being morbid and diseased how sentimental relation they are.

Reviewed by Paul Kydd 7 / 10

The Accountant ***½ (7/10)

Available on Blu-ray Disc (Region B)

USA 2016 English (Colour); Action/Thriller/Drama (Warner Bros./Electric City/Zero Gravity/RatPac-Dune); 128 minutes (15 certificate)

Crew includes: Gavin O'Connor (Director); Bill Dubuque (Screenwriter); Mark Williams, Lynette Howell Taylor (Producers); Gavin O'Connor, Jamie Patricof, Marty P. Ewing, Steven Mnuchin (Executive Producers); Seamus McGarvey (Cinematographer); Keith Cunningham (Production Designer); Richard Pearson (Editor); Mark Isham (Composer)

Cast includes: Ben Affleck (Christian Wolff), Anna Kendrick (Dana Cummings), J.K. Simmons (Ray King), Jon Bernthal (Brax), Jeffrey Tambor (Francis Silverberg), Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Marybeth Medina), John Lithgow (Lamar Blackburn), Jean Smart (Rita Blackburn), Andy Umberger (Ed Chilton)

"Calculate your choices."

A forensic accountant, diagnosed as a child with high-functioning autism (Affleck), who is routinely employed to "uncook the books" for criminal organisations, must fall back on his military-style training (thrust upon him by an authoritarian father) when his life and that of a clerk he hooks up with (Kendrick) are endangered while investigating her (legitimate) company's financial irregularities.

Matt Damon's old pal gets his own Jason Bourne-type character to sink his teeth into, but with an undeniably intriguing twist.

Still, there are all the machinations, mayhem and bouts of fisticuffs expected from any half decent action thriller, imparted with flair and professionalism, defying the "boring" connotations of the film's title.

Blu-ray Extras: Featurettes. **½ (5/10)

Reviewed by s_imdb-623 5 / 10

Faux intellectual run of the mill Bourne Identity like thing with autism & math

Its just another typical Bourne Identity super soldier spy thing, except the super soldier also is autistic & great at accounting. The attempt at a romantic interest is non-existent, in fact, she's really annoying. A very contrived story with contradictions, e.g. Dad gets accidentally shot at funeral of his ex-wife, where, not only for totally unknown reasons a gang of funeral-goers decided to throw them out, but super soldier decides to fight them all & then also the cops. All so that dad can get killed poetically & with angst near the wife who abandoned him & his autistic kid...who is now a grown man & cold-blooded mass killer. Then, by another HUGE coincidence the guy defending his next target just happens to be his brother. And they have a fight where just stands & takes a beating from his brother, but seems totally invincible, like the guy is just slapping him with a small fish. The amazing savant accountant who's a genius at money laundering, somehow manages to get all his own money laundered through companies that are all in the same block where he has his own practice.

Lets not mention (or lets mention) small geek annoyances, loose ends & magic happenings: like sniper bullets hitting at exactly the same time as the noise of the shot, or the guy just running around in the open while in a firefight with 5 men. Its like the A-Team. The huge thing about the Airstream trailer which is there so he can quickly disappear...except...throughout the whole movie, including when he disappears, he's driving around in exactly the same pickup truck. Law enforcement procedures too in this film are just 'convenience' or imagined procedures & lacking any kind of believability.

Everything else, like the acting, is so-so (professional). Except, Jon Bernthal as the brother is great, as are the child actors. John Lithgow, his usual charismatic self.

If you're not the sort to notice these sorts of things & is happy with a bit of super soldiering, mass killing, good guy with troubled life, then its probably a 7/10 movie.

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