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Reviewed by denzelfreeman-131-74463 7 / 10

Coool little low budget horror film

I like low budget independent horror films - always looking for the next cult classic. So, I had to watch this movie with my girlfriend because she is deathly scared of going to our storage building alone..she's chicken.

The movie is a gritty independent low budget film that is very girlfriend was scared more than I was, but I was entertained.

It drops you inside a storage building with people in there for different reasons. It had a lot of good moments, and I've seen many low budget films that are horrible - this is not the case.

Good acting, music, sound effects, NICE twist at end. Worth the rental.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 2 / 10

Hunting artifacts is murder

The movie starts off by us reading about killings in an abandoned warehouse in 1937 involving stolen ancient artifacts. In current day Chicago, the warehouse is a multilevel storage facility. We see killings going on, or at least hear people screaming, appearing bloody, then their bodies being pulled away by something unseen.

A group of college kids opt to go after the demon stones allegedly hidden in tunnels under the unit. This of course can only happen at night. There are other people accessing their units when the lights go out. The quality of the amateur filming approaches that of the hand held genre. The different groups act as various cheap subplots as people with flash-lights running and screaming. Kendra (Rocki DuCharme) appears to be the main protagonist among the groups of non-connected individuals.

The plot was well conceived. The execution was horrible. More for those who like bad hand held films without knowing or caring who is filming.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by sigynnez 8 / 10

The legend of The Darkness, The Rage and The Fury get over The 13th Unit

This is a claustrophobic film, made with a lot of effort, loving their work and VERY little, to ZERO budget. It has an excellent premise, and fairly executed for the almost non existent budget that it is fully noticed the movie had.

Good performances from actors, with interesting characters, although there is always some idiotic character that have idiotic decisions which bring death.

It has an interesting twist as key point: It isn't the creature who you should must be afraid ... but what do the creature "make" do. The point of an almost isolated, dark place, with strange sounds and things locked, a place that scare us, where there is not way out. is well used: the atmosphere is the most important thing here, you don't need to see, but imagine from expressions and noises.... and the "emissaries" of the creature do their work very hard (you have to see the movie to know that I say)

Good end, but predictable, at least for me. I waited around more shocking nut there.

I am not fond to the low budget films, but this one deserves it. No guts and good CGI monsters is need to be scary. I've seen films of very good quality effects, and very expensive to make that are "terror" (read ironically).

Very low budget, eager work from all crew, good performances and good atmosphere. Is all that it takes to make a good movie. 8/10

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