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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Oleksandr Petrenko (apetrenko) 7 / 10

Good one

This documentary is very powerful one to draw attention to a food that we have on our table with confident that it is healthy one or at least nothing bad in it. I really like the style or techniques that the author uses to compare and highlight how much sugar generally people consume.I have never thought that my healthy breakfast could contain so much sugar and how dramatical influence of this amount of one has on my body. I absolutely recommend watching it, just for sure

Reviewed by jalexoid 1 / 10

Should be called That Attack on Science movie

This could have been a great documentary... But there is so much subversion of science in this movie that it hurts. First of all - having David Wolfe(conspiracy theorist and vaccine denier) and a "naturopath" on it is already an affront to science. Then degrading a scientist for agreeing that there is too much sugar being consumed, but not agreeing that it should be banned! Not having a reasonable discussion, but using ad hominem attacks.

In short - he put his body though this ordeal - just to push pseudoscience!

Reviewed by erenolgac 7 / 10

Get rid of your sugars!

It has deep messages that not everyone can easily understand it. Camera angles are not good and this film is a bit recorded "amateurly". But if you wanna get rid of your fats (sugars actually). I highly recommend this film.

I was deeply shocked when the boy in the dentist said that he is going to drink mountain dew with his dent less mouth!

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