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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 9500


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Simon Pegg as Bill
Mike Myers as Clinton / Mr. Franklyn
Matthew Lewis as Lenny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian 5 / 10

Worth watching but not as good as it thinks it is

I'll start with my usual writer/director moan although this isn't as bad as most, and Vaughn Stein almost pulls it off.

It's visually stunning, has some superb actors - Margot Robbie in particular - but the convoluted story-telling style and, indeed, the plot, make it less than it should have been. You'll have to keep your eyes and ears open and resist the temptation to walk out or switch off 20-30 mins into the movie. The stopy lines do come together, if slightly haphazardly.

There are some nice twists. One or two you'll probably have an inkling of. One you won't as there's no foreshadowing at all, and although it ties everything (mostly) together, you may well feel cheated as the writer(*/director) swaggers about thinking what a clever writer I am!

Still, immerse yourself in a comic/noir-ish nightmare and see what you think.

Reviewed by Andrej Cesnovar 8 / 10

Why the hate?

I don't usually post reviews on IMDb - other people have already done it, and often better than I could - and most of the time, I find the ratings more or less on par with my own impressions of movies.

However, sometimes, I can't help but wonder "How in God's name has this movie gotten this rating?" Terminal is one of those movies.

The abysmally low rating, coupled with the very few (and most of them, poor) reviews, made me want to give my two cents and try to set the record straight. Or, at least, set it straight-er.

For me, Terminal was a thoroughly enjoyable movie - it has a great cast, witty and dark humor, interesting enough plot (not too cliche or too predictable) and, being around one and a half hours long, it does not overstay it's welcome. If you're into labeling things, you could call it neo-noir or something other, but the fact is that Terminal is very much its own thing, visually and plotwise. Personally, it reminded me of a theater play.

The ending could have been executed differently or better - the plot unraveling was overly (and unnecessary) convoluted and the ending itself was a little unimaginative and disappointing. But that's just my personal view.

Overall, Terminal is a good enough movie - and that is good enough for me. And even though it wouldn't make it to any of my "top 10 movie lists", it is still a pretty solid movie, that deserves at least a 7. Which is why I gave it an 8.

Reviewed by TriggerPullerUSMC 7 / 10

I REALLY Liked This Movie

My movie needs are simple. I want to be entertained. that is it. I don't need any fancy references or nods to previous movies or directors etc. I don't need to be informed or moved or left speechless.

The best part of this movie is it makes it very easy to suspend belief. So you don't have to watch it and suddenly think oh man that wouldn't happen or gee that was wrong. It is highly stylized, the dialogue is great and there is a definite rhythm to it. The acting is great some of the back and forth between actors is actually very witty and very solid. It has twists and turns- none of them earth shattering but great nonetheless.

I think every actor in it was great- I cannot for the life of me figure out why everyone hates it so much. My best guess is that pretentious people either thought it was going to be one thing and it wasn't so they are upset or pretentious people expected it to be more artsy like some of those noir type films can be.

Reading the reviews before I watch it I sort of knew it would be good. I think at a certain point people who I disagree with made it clear they didn't like it so in a sort of the enemy of my enemy thing- The bad reviews seemed like folks who expect too much of a simple small movie or tried to take this movie way too seriously and those who liked it seemed to simply take it as a piece of entertainment.

My wife and I watched it on a Sunday night after dinner curled up on the couch and felt like it sounded good, so we'll ignore the bad reviews and buy it on Xbox 1. I am really glad we did. The movie isn't going to change your life, it isn't going to be one of those life altering movies This movie was great and it did the one thing we wanted on a lazy Sunday night... It entertained us.

My God the people who hated this movie are the same type of people who loved La La Land and Mother- I will almost always enjoy a movie they hate- I watched two movies this past week- Black Panther and Terminal. Black Panther was applauded as being incredible- I thought it was just ok and I just can't get anymore involved with it than saying it was just ok.

So if you are looking for something a bit different than what has come out the last few years and can enjoy something for what it is- simple entertainment the give it a shot you'll probably also really like it.

In short, only people that hate fluffy puppies- don't like this movie.

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