Teen Wolf Too


Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
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Jason Bateman as Todd Howard
John Astin as Dean Dunn
Kim Darby as Professor Brooks
Kathleen Freeman as Admissions Lady
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jakemcclake 3 / 10

After you watch it, you'll want know why...to any question about it

You wont know why... anything happened in the movie. The only answer is, it happened in the successful Teen Wolf Movie too.

The movie was a terrible sequel to the original Teen Wolf, which was corny, but it has something good. This movie about a guy who becomes the Wolf Todd Howard, tried to but basically did not convey some of the ideas of the original Teen Wolf movie about Scott Howard who became a wolf. That means a viewer who has seen Teen Wolf, will immediately draws a comparison to Teen Wolf when they watch this, but it is a bad comparison.

For one thing Teen Wolf conveyed a concept about team work, with the sport of Basketball. Scott Howard of Teen Wolf learns that team work is important. For this movie they tried the same thing, but they picked the wrong sport to relate to teamwork (Boxing), so you don't get the same message.

In Teen Wolf, Scott Howard becomes the Wolf and the important guy and gets some attention from the beautiful girl he has been chasing. In this movie, it is not obvious that Todd Howard is chasing the beautiful girl.

In Teen Wolf, Scott Howard has a long time girl friend who objects to the wolf, who is not the attention grabbing beautiful girl he is chasing, but someone less attractive, who likes him for himself. In this movie the same part is there, but she is not someone who has been around Todd all his life, and furthermore, she is the prettiest girl in the movie, so the message is not the same.

You will probably wonder why when you watch this movie too.

Reviewed by Predrag 6 / 10

Too bad to be truth...

Jason Bateman is much better than the film deserves, and actually gives a sharp and funny performance despite the mediocre production. We see the same progression in Todd as we had scene before with Michael J. Fox's Scott, where both characters turn on their friends and become real jerks after getting a taste of teenage popularity. The only difference here is that Todd is now playing for the college boxing team rather than a high school basketball team. When topped off with the rather ugly make-up effects, Jason Bateman looks more like a disfigured cat than he ever does a wolf. Paul Sand, Mark Holton, and James Hampton make appearances from the original, with John Astin and Kim Darby joining the cast.

Christopher Leitch leaves nothing to chance in this unnecessary sequel, trying his best to recreate the same successes of the first film with very little variance. Still it's the 80's so I can't hate. The story is pretty much a re-hash of the original but is about boxing instead of b-ball and is at university instead of high school. The acting is actually quite good, considering the movie's obvious low budget and overall silliness. The werewolf "FX" (ie - make-up) is a little crude but it is done well enough to just about suspend disbelief.

Overall rating: 6 out of 10.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 1 / 10

Howlingly Bad.....

Although awkward college student Todd Howard is particularly adept at science, he's paying for school with an athletic scholarship that he will lose should he not fare well in an upcoming boxing tournament.

Luckily for Todd, he has inherited the same family curse that once turned his cousin into a werewolf.

As he transforms into the hairy, fanged, howling monster, he finds both his physical agility and his popularity skyrocketing -- but at what cost.......

A cash in in every sense of the phrase TWT is a monstrosity from start to finish. Having to make references every five minutes is desperate enough, but to have two minor actors not coming back to the film, and have them played by someone who looks absolutely nothing like them, you may as well have had Bateman play J. Fox's character.

It's a desperate attempt at cashing in on a film that was already cashing on the success of Back To The future. The make up is awful, there are no laughs in the entirety of the movie, and Bateman becomes highly unlikable when he starts to use his powers on a regular basis.

And why boxing? Of all the sports the writers could have chose, baseball, Football, Athletics, Running, they choose boxing.

It's as bad as people have been saying for the past 29 years, and i'm sure Bateman hates the fact that this is on his CV.

But it does have one good line in it.

You're wrong, and I'm late.


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