Teen Wolf


Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6 10 39503


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Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard
Doug Savant as Brad
James Hampton as Harold Howard
Gregory Itzin as English Teacher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 8 / 10

80's teen fun, and Levine

Light hearted wolf fare this is, for the whole family too, back in '85, when Fox, such an overrated actor, was making a name for himself. Unpopular Fox, yeah Mr Average, is beginning to notice changes, and it's genetics. He's sprouting wolf hair, his eyes lighting up, faint emerald, and he's starting to howl. All these features make him, king of Popularity overnight, where being a wolf has it's advantages, especially in needs to your wants, like very unattainable hottie, Pamela, who's stud boyfriend, who's starring daggers, isn't happy to say the least. Plusses in this, are of course, Levine, as Fox's best mate, who brings a lot of color and vivacity to this feel good movie, it's throbbing music score, unnervingly fitting to Fox's music, where in it's starting, playing over the opening credits, for a more intense, higher classification wolf pic, but like I said, this is a great and perfect pic for everyone, minus kiddies I guess. This is great camp 80's, and the film offers some really funny moments, one killer line, concerning father and son, Fox on the stairwell, in a two way conversation, and a surprise revelation. It has again, "the girl who's best for you, is right beside you, and you didn't notice" scenario, so you obviously know how the finale ensues. Also we have a bit bad history, and a personal grudge, where a few revengeful moments, go greatly appreciated. Fun entertainment, and Stiles (Levine) who has god much more screen presence, acting wise too, than Fox. He's the life of the party in this one, and I myself, are truly grateful.

Reviewed by Joseph Brennan 9 / 10

80s cult classic

This movie is a underrated 80s comedy which doesn't get much credit but it should cause of Michael j fox as a wolf and I also think that the soundtrack is fantastic along with the other teen 80s soundtrack breakfast club,Ferris BUELLER'S day off etc I also think that this movie should be up there with the other great 80s movies and a status of cult classic.

Reviewed by jjjloy 6 / 10

Fox is a Great Wolf

Whether or not if you view this as a corny teenage 80's movie. There is no denying the Michael J Fox was perfect to play Scott, with his uneasy on screen antics Michael was a perfect choice for the film. Enough back story to not leave us with unanswered questions and very few slow scenes. Teen Wolf will always be a movie I stop to check out if none of the classics are on.

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