Teen Witch


Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 7088


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Rita Wilson as Dancer
Robyn Lively as Louise Miller
Zelda Rubinstein as Madame Serena
Joshua John Miller as Richie Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 7 / 10

at least its more charming than Charmed, and way cuter than Sabrina... Top That!

Okay, more deserving of a 6, but the extra point is awarded because my title is so, so, so true... And there isn't any further episodes to this to make me rue the day I bought the set. Which is more than I can say for two certain TV-shows that started off promising but turned sour, very sour, bitchily sour, the one an all- out man-hating festering hotbed for pointless displays of femi- Nazism. And the kiddie version just made everything male dorky.

But okay, enough of that old rant of mine.

TEEN WITCH, 1989. I never even heard of it. Big fan of SAVANNAH, 1996 - 1997, though, there, Robyn Lively, not so much. During the second season though, her character began coming into its own (well, at one stage, just before the wheels began to fall off) and I Googled her, and discovered she was in a teen movie. Downloaded a snippet of it, it was that f***awful vomit-worthy rap sequence "Top That" which is truly, truly, truly bad, people who read this without knowing what I am talking about have no idea how bad it is, it positively reeks, not of cheese, but of weeks-old cheese that's been inside a dog and...

Anyway, you get the picture. Me too. The sight of a much younger Robyn Lively at the peak of her allure was most inspiring, and I put the movie on my long list of try-to-obtain-these...

The Eighties was a time of innocence. That's all I can say. Some things were a whole lot better then. That is very true. In that locker-room dance sequence, you will notice that the girls are very, very All-American, healthy-looking, fresh and clean, no 'girlz from da hood' and no tattoos (that one there is an ankle bracelet, folks!) and just all round absolutely nice. So that's better! But some of the routines, including everything done by the boys, geez, I doubt it could have been seen as that great even way back then. Now it's positively Gaysville. In fact, I think little white lads jumping about like that positively played to a pederast audience. One thing for girls to cavort about, they're timeless beauties, but these guys, they look freaking (unintentionally) queer. It goes without saying that it's instant career suicide for a male (except that one, of course) to have been even remotely seen on this set.

And that Ritchie boy deserved to be dropped from the cast, he was so unconvincing as a heckler. Perhaps a force to be reckoned with in his own home to his vulnerable sister, but being of a particularly odd look, kind of like an old woman, he'd have been ridiculed mercilessly beyond the garden gate. Very unconvincing performance, no conviction in the eyes. There must have been scores who could have done better, but, of course, they wisely stayed clear.

I liked Robyn, very interesting to see her back in her glory days.

Now, back to "I Like Boys" - wow, golly, gee, yes, I am a guy, and, wow, what a surprise, I didn't even expect! Long legs, long hair, and they jump about, arching their feet, and did I mention the long, long legs? This reviewer is only human, and (pant, pant)...

"I Like Boys" 10 - 10, Robyn Lively 7 and half - 10, "Top That" belongs on a garbage dump, movie itself a lukewarm response, there are so many off-putting key elements... factoring in some zeitgeist, I'd say 4 - 10. The beauty of the female cast saves it, and sways me, of course!

Reviewed by Davis P 8 / 10

Sweet 80s film

Teen witch is a very cute, sweet 1980s film about love, being true to yourself, and........ 80s style lol. No, it is not a classic and yes, it does have its minor flaws. But really overall, it's a good fun ride that you should consider going on. Robyn Lively plays a great lead role, and she has a great energy about her that really makes her likable and sweet, you sympathize with her and truly want everything to work out for her. And Dan Guither was the perfect choice to play Brad, I mean the perfect choice! Dan is hot, irresistible, cute, sweet, warm hearted and just fits his character so well in every necessary way. Robyn and Dan have great chemistry together too, especially in their sensual, romantic scene. I absolutely adore that scene too! The implied sex scene in this film is so romantic and well done. It is sensual, and Dan is so sexy and romantic at the same time, the way he entices Robyn in that scene is just so perfect. There are also a couple of fun musical number scenes here too, including Top That and We Like Boys. Now one complaint I have is the little brother, he wasn't really funny at all, and I just thought his character was too over the top weird and borderline creepy. Well that just about wraps up Teen Witch, it's the cute 80s style teen film you've always dreamed of, it's almost like a Cinderella fairytale story in a way. 8/10.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 9 / 10

An interesting witchcraft film!

This isn't about a whiny princess, this is about a young girl who never even thought that she was a witch. I would consider her very caring. I say the TV series "Sabrina the teenage witch" copied this totally. If you think the TV show was made up by accident, think again!

I really loved the music in this, it is so jazzy and sexy. How can anyone in the world not like the soundtrack? It is just awesome, hey I might consider putting the songs on the ol music player to lighten me up ;)

Robyn Lively looked absolutely dazzling regardless of what she wore. The outfits they gave her looked just lovely on her. She has got to be in her teens since she looks so young as 12! She's a great actress and like, I never even heard of her before!

I really loved this film and definitely would suggest this to all ages!

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