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Kellan Lutz as Tarzan
Robert Capron as Derek
Jaime Ray Newman as Alice Greystoke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ElliesWonder 7 / 10

Nice animation

This is a very nice reversion Tarzan movie, I watched almost 2 years ago.

It is completely different from the Disney version. The story takes place in modern world, but it also comes with many magical fancy setting. Story line is clear, and 3D CGI is out of ordinary, yet chacter body movement is still stiff. Anyway, still better than many animation designs.

By the way, this Tarzen has 6 pack abdomen muscle, super long legs and tiny waistline. Also he has a pair of innocence doge eyes, very cute character image.

Reviewed by gorf 7 / 10

Harmless Tarzan movie.

I really don't understand why so many people hate this movie.

I've seen a lot of complaints about the animation. It's not Pixar, but so what? It's still very good. From the reviews you would think Tarzan was on the level of an old Playstation game. It's fluid and beautiful to look at.

While it's not a very original story (Tarzan's origin has been told and retold a million times in movies), it's good enough for an adventure movie like this. It's touching, romantic and full of jungle action like the classic movies. It's not directly based on ERB's novels. It's more like a combination of the Disney and Weissmuller version.

Usually, these kind of animated movies contain fart jokes or sexual innuendo. It was a nice surprise to see that Tarzan steered clear of such unfunny and idiotic stuff. The worst thing about the movie is that they used that Coldplay song in one of the scenes. Cliché!

Maybe the problem is that some critics and people have been spoiled by Pixar and Disney. They expect every single animated movie to be like that. When a movie by a different company comes out, a movie that's just there to entertain, it's not good enough.

Tarzan is just a fun and harmless movie for the whole family.

Reviewed by shadschroeder 5 / 10

So so.

The only thing I want to point out is that writer/producer is German, so the comment about Americanization is out of line. The movie wasn't canon or great but I've seen worse interpretations of Tarzan. Other people were put off by the science fiction aspect, but there were examples of science fiction in some of ERBs stories. (After all, he did give us Barsoom.)

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