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Clint Eastwood as Jet Squadron Leader
Leo G. Carroll as Prof. Gerald Deemer
Bing Russell as Deputy
John Agar as Dr. Matt Hastings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon2018 6 / 10

The special effects are the real stars here

"Tarantula" is a combination of a science-experiment-gone-wrong movie with a monster movie. Though tame by today's standards (it shies away from any graphic violence), it still boasts nearly-excellent optical effects, nearly-seamless trick photography, and creepy "deformative" makeup. A talkative first half gives way to an eventful second. **1/2 out of 4.

Reviewed by Julian R. White 7 / 10

Definitely one of the classics

Man, with as many creature features like this that I've seen, I gotta say it's one of my favorites. I keep tarantulas as a hobby, and I've seen first hand how ferocious and awful they can be to their prey. The story is a great concept too, science being used for the good of mankind going awry when the movie makes its plot twist. The Spider is indestructible and it plays on the natural fears of mankind. The little clues it leaves behind, such as a puddle of venom in one scene, leads up to the main story perfectly. It leaves scientists in the fill scratching their heads, to make you feel as if it's truly happening. If you're a big fan of Retro science fiction, this film is a must see for you!

Reviewed by bsmith5552 6 / 10

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbs Up the Water Spout!

"Tarantula" was one of a series of Sci/Fi/mutated monster films that were popular in the 1950s. This one is better than most.

A mutated man turns up dead in the desert. He turns out to be a scientist named Jacobs. He has apparently died from an affliction that takes several years to develop but has developed it in just a few days. Town doctor Matt Hastings (John Agar) becomes suspicious. Professor Gerald Deemer (Leo G. Carroll), Jacobs associate confirms that the man had died from the dreaded disease over a period of four days.

Later at Professor Deemer's lab we learn that he has been experimenting with a nutrient that accelerates the growth in animals and spiders (eeeuuu!). The professor is attacked by his other assistant Lund, who causes a fire during which a giant tarantula escapes. Before he dies, Lund injects the professor with the deadly nutrient.

The comely young Stephanie "Steve" Clayton arrives to take up a post with Jacobs, however since he is dead Professor Deemer takes her on. "Steve" and Matt become attracted to each other (who knew?). Meanwhile the escaped tarantula begins to wreak havoc killing animals and whatever people cross its path. The professor was unaware that the spider had not perished in the fire you see.

As the tarantula heads toward town, it stops to destroy the Professor's home...and the professor. To combat the giant spider the air force is called in and just as the jets are about to fire, I'm sure I heard the squadron leader say...Go ahead...make my day.

The special effects are quite good for a low budget "B" + movie. The tarantula effects are quite convincing. John Agar, who had been married to Shirley Temple, is nothing more than a card board hero whose main purpose in the film is to ride around in his brand new '55 Ford convertible. Mara Corday is lovely as the heroine and Leo G. Carroll adds an air of sophistication as the "mad scientist".

Others in the cast include Nestor Paiva as the Sheriff, Ross Elliott as the newspaper editor, Raymond Bailey as a scientist and good old Hank Patterson as the desk clerk Josh.

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