Tango & Cash


Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 85432


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Sylvester Stallone as Lt. Raymond Tango
Kurt Russell as Lt. Gabriel Cash
Teri Hatcher as Katherine 'Kiki' Tango
Clint Howard as Slinky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fluke_Skywalker 6 / 10

They're cops who become buddies

Plot; Rival cops must team up when they're framed for murder by the city's top crime boss.

Released in the Golden Age of the Buddy Cop film, Tango & Cash sees perhaps the genre's biggest pairing of star power in Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell, and it's their charisma and chemistry that carry the movie.

A notoriously troubled production saw Patrick Swayze leave (replaced by Russell), Stallone fire the director of photography (a guy named Barry Sonnenfeld) so that he could bring in his own guy, the director fired and the entire production go $20 million over budget. Filming began without a finished script and the final cut wasn't locked until just before its release. In short, it was a cluster foozle. But it works. Not amazingly well, but as a piece of disposable entertainment. Logic doesn't exist in this universe and trying to make sense of the plot will only give you a headache. If you just sorta roll with it, Sly and Kurt carry the whole tangled mess on their beefy shoulders and deliver a genre relative good time.

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 9 / 10


6,3?!!! Really?!!! Only nomination it has are Razzie - Sylvester Stallone for the worst actor, Kurt Russell for supporting actress (I do not want to spoil by explaining this) and for the worst screenplay... I'm shocked! This is one of the mightiest crime action movies of all time, cult movie as much as Die Hard is. Stallone and Russell are awesome tandem, story is satisfying, action scenes are great, there's just enough funny lines, Teri is there to satisfy aesthetic needs, music by Yazoo and Alice Cooper,... Even I, who consider action movies to be the lowest type of cinematography, am thrilled. I'm sure there's no need to present this movie to those who grew up in '80s and '90s, and you, kids of 21th century, put it on your watch-lists immediately, and on top of it.


Reviewed by randomhouser 1 / 10

Remarkably ridiculous and ceaselessly chaotic

So just where does one sensibly begin to review a film of sheer nonsense? The story of two warped cops who are hell bent, at any cost, on rivaling for all the glory of fame. Ray Tango, a flagrant and inflated man, who ironically seems to have not a thing in his life to be inflated about, of whom although, is somehow financially well off, is madly bored from the dullness of his worthless life, and therefore, thankfully for the world, risks it everyday to pursue the criminal, because, to have made a real difference in it, could of course only begin and end with the permanent arrestation of himself. Gabriel Cash, a reckless cop, flowing with vanity, who becomes more criminal in his pursuance, than the criminals he actually pursues, just so to see his pitiful face on the back-page of a decaying newspaper. No sooner in the film, just when heaven seems to have done the city a great service, by having him shot to pieces in his own cave, disappointingly departs from it unscathed. Our third villain, Jack Palance, a Big Boss millionaire of organized crime, who seems with all his money, and all his connectivity in underground networking, to be just outright impotent in triumphing over two men of even greater impotence. Tango and Cash, framed as they become, for the sake of the city, in a staged sting operation, with forms of testimony, and manufactured articles, that could only be evidently admitted, in the most nut-bound asylum of courthouse quacks, signs and seals their guilt. If it has not become mad enough this far into the film, they no sooner thereafter happen to find themselves back home, in their chaotic stay of prison, combating with about three dozen unsupervised prisoners, within a dungeoness boiler room, unleashing drop kicks, groin punches, and what ever other barbaric tendencies form, from the privation of their frail and shriveled heads, until they at-length just get a bit overwhelmed and ungratified. Hung and ready for the torture of death appears out of a shadowy corner, Big Boss millionaire yven, descending both these glory-seeking deplorables, at his pleasure, into a tub of water with thousands of volts coursing through their bodies, and with no one to of course help them, is somehow happening in the place of a maximum security prison, without guards, and without rules, and with numbers of clamorous prisoners as free as birds, is of a scene that could only seem conceivable to, an audience of the most delusionaly demented. Finally come storming in, in this unbelievably absurd episode, are guards from all corners, and in all directions, just in time of course to save our two heroes, with Big boss , and everyone else scattering and slipping into the cracks of the walls, like scurrying rats, to remain unapprehendable, is again a segment that can only be at all realistically imaginable to an overdosing drug addict on every substance a white-coat could prescribe. During the view of this film, or should we call, fantastic dream, just when you think it has reached the height of it's absurdity, another scene convinces you otherwise, until you are at length astounded on just how excessive an unhinged imagination can leap.

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