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Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider
Ron Perlman as Stabbington Brother
Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
Brad Garrett as Hook Hand Thug
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Patrice Tan 10 / 10


Taking place in a land far, far away, Tangled tells us about an evil witch named Gothel. By consuming a special flower, she was able to live forever. One day, the queen who ruled that land couldn't give birth, so she needed a special flower in order to have a baby. The king ordered his servants to trace the location of the flower, and gave it to his wife. In short, the baby was successfully born, but Gothel got angry and decided to take revenge, so she kidnapped the baby, aiming for her magic hair which she could use for eternal life. Rapunzel, the baby, grew up with her fake mother's (Gothel) lies, telling her that outside the tower was full of dangerous things. There was a handsome thief who managed to steal the Princess' tiara. He hid in Rapunzel's tower and then they met for the very first time. Mother Gothel tried to separate them but she failed. And the two of them finally saw the floating lantern, which was her biggest dream ever.

Rapunzel is in an active yet wishy-washy girl, but she has a good heart. The thief, Flynn, is a handsome, playboy, and attractive guy. Mother Gothel is an antagonist. She loves Rapunzel, but is too obsessed with her hair.

At first Rapunzel and Flynn didn't a smooth conversation and they didn't trust each other. As time went by, they fell in love. The conversations encourage for the viewers to support their dreams.

The moral of this story is if we a have a dream, we have to make an effort and attempt to achieve it and never give up.

Despite knowing the fact that it's a movie with an happy ending, we still watched it and we enjoyed it because of the excellent animation, good songs, and last but not least, because of Rapunzel herself is very entertaining; the long hair itself attracts us.

Reviewed by IkhwanArif 9 / 10

Among Disney's Finest and Most Polished

An underrated a high quality Disney film, Tangled succeeds in good story, good voice-acting and stunning animation and visuals.

While falling just short from being in the same league as Disney in 90s like Aladdin and The Lion King or even the golden age of Pixar (Toy Story Saga, The Incredibles, Up, Monsters Inc) Rapunzel retained the charm of Disney movies and enhanced it with clever and well-written characters.

Rapunzel here is such a good and likeable character and her backstory is so on-point and tight there is hardly any flaw in it. And what's good here is that Rapunzel isn't a damsel in distress but rather simply a girl wanting to grow up.

Rapunzel is a coming of age story of the best kind, because most of the adventure here is watching Rapunzel get into and out of trouble, watching her overcome challenges and learning what she is capable of, as well as watching her suffer from the choices that she has made (e.g. that scene where she was at war with her conscience is hilarious).

This is different from earlier and later incarnations of Disney princesses where Rapunzel actually takes a proactive role in her life, taking responsibility and accountability for her decisions and actions. This is what it means to grow up and Tangled nailed it.

In this regard, Tangled is far superior than The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

Where Tangled falters however, and arguably why it doesn't quite reach the heights of the Disney greats, is the songs. They aren't bad but they are on the more generic side, but on the whole, each song is well crafted, performed admirably, the lyrics thoughtful and meaningful, appripriate to the scene, in short, much better than Frozen.

The voice-acting is also high quality. I already know Mandy Moore can sing but she shines as Rapunzel for the role, not the singing. Moore's Rapunzel is perfect as the doe-eyed, naive but defiant and courageous girl, her expressions are believable and convincing.

Donna Murphy is also well cast as Gothel and her songs are perhaps the most entertaining (Mother Knows Best). Zachary Levi was just being himself with Flynn Rider and quite frankly, that is good enough.

Special mention has to be noted on Pascal the Chameleon and Maximus the Horse, who have no lines but who both have great scenes in the film. Pascal and Maximus are simply charming and adorable, with both of them having crucial roles on the plot.

And the plot is tight. It is so good. No Disney story ever had this good of a plot that are without discernable plotholes. There aren't even a single hint of Feminist dogma and propaganda here; it is that good.

So no, Tangled isn't a typical Disney Princess movie; it is better. It has a lot of substance. It's a shame that the songs don't stand out more, but even without it, this film is still good.

Reviewed by rebeccalucy 7 / 10

A great Disney film...

Tangled is a beautifully animated film, the lantern scene being absolutely stunning. It can also be used to create fast paced comedy and action. Flynn Rider is one of the best Disney princes, as he has a fun personality that develops throughout the film. The animation allows for some fun expressions between him and Rapunzel, unlike past ones.

I think the story is very thought out, giving reasons for Rapunzel to grow out her hair and why Mother Gothel wants her in the first place. It could have been really easy to phone in the plot, but a lot of time went into it. Furthermore, Maximus as the comedic relief is great. He doesn't need to talk to be funny, they allow him to have unique expressions.

However, the songs are quite good but don't always further the story. Sometimes they can be a little distracting or take away from the plot. The villain is quite threatening but sometimes needs to be developed a little bit more. In conclusion, a great Disney film with beautiful animation. But could use a little tweaking to make it fantastic!

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