Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
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Jada Pinkett Smith as Jeryline
Billy Zane as The Collector
John Larroquette as Slasher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

Entertainingly cheesy film

Chased through the desert, a loner hiding out with a group of strangers at a remote boarding house finds the demonic emissary trailing him has brought along demonic helpers to retrieve a sacred artifact he holds and tries to protect everyone from the dangerous being.

This here was quite the enjoyable and entertaining effort. One of the better features here is the fact that there's an exceptionally fun atmosphere present which comes from the rather high quantity of action in this one. The opening car crash makes it go off on a great note and gives this a fine fiery finish, while the big revelation scene at the boardinghouse in front of everyone is a spectacular highlight which features the incredible initial reveal as well as the resulting gunfight to clear him out as going for the fun of the creature attacks with the beasts launching attacks themselves which gives this one the frenzied action and over-the-top scenarios needed for this kind of effort. The later scenes of them clearing out the demons attempting to break in past their defenses leads to even more good times with the gun-battles clearing them out of the building, while the scenes down in the underground mines makes great use of the atmospheric location for some really fun and thrilling encounters, while the latter half features some even greater encounters with the possessed coming after them from all angles in the building which all makes for a non-stop offering of big action scenes. As well, the large amount of action here means this one goes for some rather impressive amounts of physical effects for not only the demonic creatures but also the deformities of the people possessed by the creatures that give this one some really graphic bloodshed and gore that's needed here to give this one the crazy, out-of-control comic book feel which really works so well here. These here make for a great time even though it does have a few flaws. The main element against this one is the fact that there are some minor subplots that do hold this one back in the middle and it drags the pacing down. Spending the majority of the time dropping the physical tortures for mental temptation is quite out-of-place for what's going on to the rest of the group, and these really drag out this section. Likewise, there's also the fact that the heavy- handed religious backstory which is dropped so late into this one that it really comes off as such an afterthought and could've been brought up in the storyline sooner instead of placing it near the end. These here are what hold this one back.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and off-screen sex sounds.

Reviewed by Jeremy Killgore 9 / 10

I totally agree.

This movie is great. A shocker, Billy Zane had a few good movies. This is one of them. The story, the effects, the back story, character interaction all work. I would agree. Take a few moments of your life to sit back and enjoy a great horror film. I think find something in the film that you will enjoy.

Reviewed by tiskec 7 / 10

Tales from the Crypt = Comic Book Experience

Has anyone not seen Tales from the Crypt? If not, I would like to know where you've been living the last 30 years. Demon Knight is definitely one of the better full-length movies introduced by Tales from the Crypt. All of the movies tend to feel like you jumped right into a comic book. Why shouldn't it? Tales from the Crypt is based off of the comics written by William M. Gaines. It gives all the shows and movies a fun feel to them, while still be a horrific film. This way, the show isn't too serious, and it captures the right kind of audience. This is what I think made Tales from the Crypt such a huge success.

The movie itself is based on a guy running from demons (Billy Zane as this particular demon) of the cosmos. His goal is to try and keep the last key that opens the universe and the heavens from the demons. There are seven. These demons were part of the black void before earth was created when God created the darkness. Anyway, the man spent his whole life running from demons with this key. He has seven stars on his hand which apparently guide him to where he has to go, and to eventually pass on the key to the next chosen person.

With each of the chosen people this key is passed to, comes the previous person's blood, held inside a chamber in the key. This blood stops the demons from entering door ways. They cannot go across it, or touch it. The blood goes all the way back to Jesus on the cross. So it is a Christian/Cosmos deity type film of good and evil.

The man carrying the key in this movie is guided to a church by the stars on his hand. Apparently the church was transformed into a homeless shelter, and work camp for troubled teens of the law. When he gets there, the demon in the beginning (Billy Zane) eventually finds him. Then, that's when they all fight for their lives against the demons and the darkness.

This is not a bad film, it's also not an Oscar worthy film either. It's actually kind of fun. If you appreciated Tales from the Crypt, then you'll definitely appreciate this film.

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