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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by briandraiger 1 / 10

Wow - I didn't know a movie could be this bad

I don't even have the words to describe how bad this movie is. It's like if "god-awfully horrible" and "threwup in my mouth a little" got together and had a child... but a child that had radiation poisoning, dipped in acid, and struck by lightening. And its not that its just that bad.. but it goes on and on for an hour and 40 minutes. I see that most of the cast isn't giving their name - that's probably a good idea. Now they just need to hide for a few years and hope no one sees this movie and recognizes them.

Reviewed by bobbyf 2 / 10

No excuses: Bad film is bad film.

When a movie isn't very good, it just isn't very good. When you rate a film higher than it should be rated because a) it was made by your friends, b) it was done on a really low budget, c) it was made in a country where they usually don't make movies, d) gosh, they really tried hard, etc. then you're not being honest. "It's good for what it is" doesn't make it good. This movie isn't very good. Yes, the cinematography, at times, is the best part of this film. Some of the CGI is passable. One or two actors were OK, at times. Sadly the majority of this film comes off as amateurish and juvenile. The acting is high-school drama-ish. The script feels like it was written by a teenager. It's derivative of so many other films, in particular, "I am No. 4." The music isn't terrible, but it's placed inappropriately throughout the film. And the pacing, the timing, the editing... it's laborious.The romances were entirely unnecessary, and the film shifts focus so many times that it's hard to know what it's about. I think the film was hurt most by a lack of a consistent production design. It's all over the place and lacks continuity in look and feel. I think, as a project, it's a good first attempt by young film-makers, but it fails to stand up with serious, professional productions. If you take the time to watch it, (I saw it for free on Netflix) be prepared and don't expect much.

Reviewed by huguespt 4 / 10

Not great, children wont expect as much from this movie than Teen's & Adults

Well I have to concur with most reviews here, this is not a great movie which is a shame as I think it could have been. Most people use the term "wooden" when they write about peoples acting ability in certain roles and for the most part, they are not just wooden but petrified. The main character played by a young man, Marco Tolage definitely shows some promise with throwing all his emotions in to the last scenes.

The story is one told since time of fables began, that of a savior in one form or another, just like King Arthur was the savior and even in TV series like Once Upon a time, we have a savior, so classic good vs evil but the threat is from alien's. It would have been good if the writer could have explored more about the reason for the bad guys rather than some one liner near the end.

For Sc-Fi people, it's watchable but yes, do not think it will blow your socks off. Children with less movie going experience may like it as the script is short and really, not many people speak more than one line of 5-7 words.

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