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Idris Elba as Gordon Jennings
Zoe Saldana as Lilli
Paul Walker as John Rahway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dsgoorevitch 2 / 10

Utterly boring. Waste of a great cast.

The characters are stock and the director/writers seem to think they're giving depth to characters that are as thin as photography paper. There are no relationships in the movie that are not clichés. The emotional manipulativeness is laughable, especially when the violin music comes in. Oh. Am I supposed to care for them? Who, exactly? There are no people, really. We haven't been shown anything about them, except for mama rehab, and even that's a cliché, which is a waste of an excellent dramatic actress (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) I first saw in Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lies and has never been less than perfect. Even here. But wasted. Idris Alba. He's way too good to be used as a cardboard cutout. So is Michael Ealy.

We're supposed to like these criminals because they're successful criminals. That they live by taking from others... well, there's a nod in that direction but only a nod. And we can't tell what the creators intend us to feel about that. Maybe they're nodding off. I know I nodded off while watching this malarkey. They intend us to like them because they know how to invest their money wisely, sort of like how Michael Cimino wanted us to like the working men in the first half hour (a half-hour!) of The Deer Hunter. (They're real people, these workers!)(No kidding. Yeah, I've worked blue collar. A three minuted shot would have said the same thing). But the good bad guys can't resist the temptation to do another job. That's the McGuffin.

Then there's the even bigger flaw: the cinematography. Shooting documentary style has worked. It has also failed. Here it fails big time. The supposedly exciting scenes are rendered into bland pastiches that are sometimes confusing. What they really needed is some crane work, some Steadicam work, something that acknowledged they were shooting a narrative. Just one shot like the camera moving around the chauffeur trapped without knowing it in the underground garage in Die Hard would have done wonders. Don't you know you're shooting a STORY? I asked the screen. The screen continued to treat me like an idiot. Then I nodded off again. During the "exciting part."

The film IS a narrative. But it's shot as if it's not. Catching every breathless moment with a shaky camera is only drama if something is invested in it. The last time it really worked was The French Connection.


Reviewed by Maisie 8 / 10

Takers is a brilliant modern take on a con-heist, that goes above and beyond its excellence by going deep within the characters.

This is not a summary; those can be found online. This is a review, an evaluation that will stir your curiosity so much it will cause a desire to see the movie, whether it is good or a bad waste of time.

When a villain owns the ability to make a viewer cry, it is obvious how stunning and intoxicating the film is; 'Takers' is the epitome of this. Out of the five main villains- or perhaps protagonists- of the story, each one had the capability and the confidence to tear at the watcher's heart. Every character possessed and agonized his own tragedy, making him so real and more complex than just the offender of the film. The characters within drag the audience deep into their world and cause them to empathize. The audience suffers his misfortune, they grieve his heartbreak, they live his tragedy. 'Takers' is brilliant with an inviting and invigorating story line, but the characters hold the gold.

This movie is not just a classic modern take on a con-heist; this movie is a relevant and tormenting tragedy that can bring the audience to tears. The beauty of this film is that the story shows the audience an action-packed plot, but gives each and everyone one of the characters a flaw or a struggle that causes him weakness. They are all criminals, yet the watcher can feel for and empathize with every villain. The main characters are antiheroes with ugly and dirty desires, yet they all have a little humanity within that doesn't allow the audience to look away. The films allow the viewers to look past their crooked and nasty ways and see them as a person, a person who is troubled and in pain. How many crime movies nowadays own the power to cause the audience to wipe their eyes at the end of a film? How many crime movies have the ability to tear the audience's heart out and cut it to shreds, but at the same time show an excellent plot with fantastic cinematography and scenes? The movie 'Takers' is the essence of this ability and therefore it is a movie that must be understood and appreciated.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 / 10

Decent heist flick with ample of shootings, car chases, good parkour sequence n one of the best armoured car heist.

I saw this on a rented DVD in 2011 n i was not disappointed. It is a very entertaining movie with good action, extended car chases and shootouts. It has energy and suspense. Very stylish too. Expensive suits n boots, fine cigars, watches n amazing places to rest. The best part was the parkour scene. As a big fan of parkour stunts, myself being more into adventure stuff, i enjoyed the foot chase by Chris Brown very entertaining. The armoured - car heist is one of the best action sequence. One word, it was entertaining n not at all boring. Much better than Armoured, Swordfish, Taking of Pelham. Some may compare it to Heat. Common man. Jus being a cop n robhers movie ain't no fault. Agree it's nowhere close to the classic but nonetheless it is a good heist movie with amazing star cast. Paul Walker, Matt Dillon, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez, Michael Ealy, Tip "T.I." Harris, Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, Zoe Saldana, etc. At times the hand held camera scenes were irritating but that is jus a minor flaw but still good cinematography n pacing. Spoilers ahead. I actually felt bad for Hayden Christiansen when his character died.

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