Taken 3


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills
Famke Janssen as Lenore St. John
Maggie Grace as Kim Mills
Dougray Scott as Stuart St. John
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thesar-2 1 / 10


Oh, sure, there are a ton of sequels that both "take" down a series, but also "take" it too far. Taken 3 is the A Good Day to Die Hard of the series and by God, I hope both movies end the two franchises.

I recently gave Taken 2 another chance after not liking it the first time it was released. Wow. If anyone thought that movie was bad, just watch the third chapter I initially was hoping would be the Last Crusade of the series. False. And I actually like Taken 2 the second time a whole lot more than the first viewing.

This absolutely atrocious sequel that has nothing to do with the series, let alone anything to do with "TAKING," is basically a sometimes action script that was altered to piggyback on the successful series. Yes. Just like Troll 2 and just about as bad.

After an incredibly stale opening that, again, feels nothing like a "Taken" movie, it continues with basically, the same dumb opening of Alien 3. What follows is an amazingly predictable movie where a wrongfully accused 62-year-old actor acts like someone as athletic as someone a third of his age and can escape explosions as easily as Batman dodging a nuclear explosion in under 5 seconds. It's no wonder Liam Neeson starred in The A-Team movie – he never has a scratch on him after unbelievably surviving multiple car wrecks that would easily kill 999 out of 1,000 people.

What this movie should've done was to fire Liam, hire Jason Statham, rename this as Transporter 4 and acknowledge the silliness like that series did.

The decision is clear: Watch 2008's Taken and repeatedly. No need to see #2 or #3. Dear God, please let there be no fourth Taken. I can't possibly "take" this anymore.

* * *

Final thoughts: Lesson learned – to clear your name from a crime you didn't commit, kill as many people in cold blood while leaving more than enough evidence behind – not to mention, admitting to the police that you murdered someone – and then you can live happily ever after. For shits and giggles, run a car into a plane taking off that's holding the very person you're trying to protect. Don't worry, it'll survive the explosion, as, um, most planes do.

Reviewed by gomike824 7 / 10

It had me from start to finish

I have not seen Taken 1 or 2, but I thought Taken 3 stands on its own as engrossing, exciting thriller. Neeson's fighting and get-out-of-trouble skills are what you would expect ... and more. The movie is well-cast and direction and pace keep the tension high. I recommend to fans of action thrillers.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

Good thing the series ended here

Moderately enjoyed the first 'Taken', while finding a fair share of faults, finding it overall an above average film that could have done more with promising potential. Was underwhelmed by 'Taken 2', which had good things but was essentially a very tired and even more ridiculous rehash with lazy stereotypes and a lack of suspense.

Was worried that 'Taken 3' would be a sequel too far and that it wasn't needed, even if it still had enough to make it semi-watchable. Seeing it, 'Taken 3' not only was not necessary, even if not quite among the worst sequels ever (definitely to me one of the most pointless), and indicative of that it was a good thing it was the last 'Taken' film (from my underwhelming) but it also has very little to recommend it. It makes all the mistakes pretty much of 'Taken 2' and amplifies them and makes more on the way.

The only halfway decent thing about 'Taken 3' is Liam Neeson, who at least tries and is charismatic and brooding enough. Even though one can tell still that even he knew that the film was not good and shouldn't have been made. The rest of the cast are all indifferent and are not engaging at all. They are saddled with characters that don't even have enough to them to be half-formed and are again lazy stereotypes.

Direction is complete and utter chaos, and one misses the rawness and slickness of the previous two films visually. 'Taken 3' looks as though it was made on the cheap, especially with some of the worst editing seen in recent memory, editing that gave me a headache which is not good for my epilepsy. The script is filled to the brim with cheese, ham and confusion.

Even the action is a failure, it is chaotically edited and photographed, gratuitously violent, unexciting and go well overboard on the ridiculousness. The pace is generally far too rushed, especially in the latter stages which affects the coherence of the story. Speaking of the story, that was one of the film's biggest issues, it may not be as much of a rehash but it is still even more fatigued than 'Taken 2' (which was as tired as it comes), even more far-fetched, even less suspenseful and thrilling and makes the further mistake of being incoherent.

On the whole, very poor and that it was the last of the series was something of a relief. 2/10 Bethany Cox

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