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Katie Cassidy as Amanda
Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills
Famke Janssen as Lenore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Neeson turns action hero

'Taken' garnered mixed to average reviews critically and still is, looking at the reviews here, a film that divides audiences. Can see both sides, being one who was mixed to moderately liked the film. It is interesting for being one of Liam Neeson's first endeavours as an action hero, and considering that the trailer was an intriguing one and Neeson has always been very watchable and often very good the potential was there.

As was said regarding 2011's 'Unknown' recently, 'Taken's' potential wasn't fully lived up to. Enough of 'Taken' does work, or at least to me it did (not everybody will agree and that's fine by me), but also from personal opinion what could have been a pretty good film turned out to be an above average but uneven one that could have done much more with what it had. It entertains and intrigues, but doesn't wow.

Really liked the rawness and slickness of the way 'Taken' was shot and edited, and the bleakness and grit of the rest of the production values suited the tone and genre perfectly. It's nicely scored, not intrusive but having presence, and the direction is solid.

There is enough taut suspense and fun to keep one gripped and the violence is uncompromisingly brutal and leaves one biting the nails. The sound effects are thrilling in authenticity and will leave one wincing in shock, with it adding hugely to the harrowing effect of the action. Neeson is a very commanding presence on screen and there is energy to the directing.

It is a shame though that, excepting Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen, the rest of the cast fail to match him or engage, being largely indifferent. The script also doesn't excite, descending into too much cheese and tedium and tending to lack clarity, subtlety.

Despite it being fun, slick, gritty and generally taut, the story is far too predictable and gets far too far-fetched and over-the-top in the latter stages. The violence, while thrilling and well done on its own, tends to overpower the basic drama of the story, so things feel unbalanced. The characters are pretty sketchy.

Overall, above average but uneven and more a mixed to moderately liked sort of film. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by a666333 5 / 10

Reasonably good concept but with predictable, formula execution

This movie starts off with a workable plot, maybe even a good one. Certainly it had possibilities. Thereafter, it retreats to a predictable mash of violent, adrenaline rushes with cliché dialogue (one liners, come backs, etc) that any movie watcher over the last 30 years must have had their fill of. Once the plot is set, you knew generally how it would pan out. It was just a question of which country the gangsters were from, exactly who their accomplices and enablers were, and how many brutal fight, car chase and shooting scenes there would be. And also, what kind of gadgets would be used. It is all worn-out formula. Liam Neeson does okay with the material such as it is, I guess, but you almost expected him to morph into Bronson, Van Damme or even Arnold. Yes, Neeson suggests a more complex, interesting character but it is only a suggestion. Everyone else is barely there. It is entirely a Neeson vehicle. And forget about seeing any interesting directing, camera work or art direction. If this type of thing is your cup of tea, enjoy but don't look for ANYTHING special.

Reviewed by sajnnm-97247 8 / 10

Very Nice movie

This is one of the movie I liked to see again and again. I liked the dialogue in which Lian Neeson said to kidnappers to find and kill them. This is the movie one never leave in between. So I suggest just enjoy it. I have seen all the series of movies taken 2 and 3 also. All are fantastic entertainment.

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