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Michael Ironside as Klaus Meisner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eyefordetail 7 / 10

Mostly misunderstood?

Reading some of the other reviews, mostly focusing on the fact that the movie seems to be almost Bladerunnerish, they do not actually address what the movie is. So what that it has a musical and emotive reflection in a style that reminds one of a silver screen masterpiece? Many rappers have best-sellers based on the borrowed riff or refrain from an eighties classic. And they pull it off. The question is - did this movie get a fair shake in being rated as average? This simply means that some liked it and some did not. But slashing it for merely what it reflects is like smashing the mirror on a bad hair day. The movie is a love story. It's a simple plot, and when one sits back and reflects on it, it pulls off the simple plot. It is low budget, yes, but in a good way. Bad CGI and silly effects would not have added to the love story, but to the SciFi wrapper. And who eats the wrapper and writes a review on it? Quite a few people, if I read through them. I enjoyed the movie and the story and the way it unfolds. Perhaps it will not be memorable, but at least it was filling. Worth a seven, I say.

Reviewed by Justin Cruz 6 / 10

Tries way too hard

The main visual inspiration is most obviously "Blade Runner" as the film goes through great efforts to emulate the look of those vast cityscapes, particularly during its establishing shots. And, like Ridley Scott's film, the movie has a constant hazy, smoky sheen throughout. Gentry appears to be really fascinated with 1980s sci-fi; you get the impression that the design of the film represents a 1980s vision of the future.

While the plot and some of the characters' behavior initially comes across as odd and incomprehensible, it really starts to come together in a surprising way once you get past all the time travel technical jargon from the first half hour. "Synchronicity" also entertains partly because it knows how to have fun with itself. The characters feel grounded and down-to- earth despite living in a world where time travel is possible. The film follows physicist Jim Beale (Chad McKnight) who, along with his team, invents a device that can bend space and time and create a wormhole. This wormhole can send something (or someone) back in time, but Jim Beale has difficulty proving it can work.

His first experiment resulted in receiving an exotic flower, a dahlia, from the future, but he can't prove that it was ever sent back into the past. This doesn't go over well with his investor, a greedy venture capitalist named Klaus Meisner (Michael Ironside) whose funding is desperately needed in order for this device to keep operating.

Reviewed by reallyevilboy 5 / 10

Needs Patience.

I needed real patience to get through this one.

The whole thing felt immature. The acting, some of the dialogue, some of the script.

Someone is about to embark on the biggest discovery in history. He's popping pills and drinking coffee just to stay awake because it's all he can do. Then for the rest of the movie all he's wanting to do is have sex with one particular woman. I did find this a little annoying.

They were trying to give it that eighties scifi look, synthesizers all over the place, bladerunner style. Even down to the opening font and concrete architectural landscapes. I quite liked the charm that it lent itself to. But it also lent itself to eighties boring. Long, over stylized, drawn out conversations, completely unnecessary unless there was a serious intention to make me turn it off.

And I nearly turned it off, many many times.

But there was a sense that maybe, just maybe the movie would get better. There would be a great ending, or something.

Over time it did get a little better and the main reason I did not turn it off was I wanted to see the end. There was a sense of deliberate creation here by someone who had it in him to make a great movie.

Not this movie though, He missed the target on this movie. You could see where he was aiming for. With the substance and style it could have been a great movie. But when you miss the mark, you miss the mark.

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