Swiss Family Robinson


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Kevin Corcoran as Francis
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Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10

Light, but entertaining Disney family fun

Colorful Disney adaptation of the Johann David Wyss novel about a family who find themselves shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island. Starring John Mills and Dorothy McGuire, the film is a what-if type of situation that audiences can't help but wonder what you would do in the same situation. It's also brings thoughts for viewers who might fantasize about throwing aside the responsibilities of the world and start completely over. Now if you're watching "The Blue Lagoon" the fantasy of what you do on a deserted island is something completely different, but when it's a Disney movie about family stranded on a deserted island, you're going have have pirates, funny animals providing comic relieve, and general wholesome family fun. "Swiss Family Robinson" is a fun lightweight film for kids that enchanted my own children and was still fun for me to watch as an adult.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 8 / 10

Perhaps Disney's best

When I was a kid and my grandmother would say, "Do you want to go see the Disney movie at the movie theater?", my answer was usually no; they were too "kiddish". Occasionally there were exceptions, and this film was one of those exceptions. It was a treat seeing it again on TCM 57 years later, and I think it's -- perhaps -- the best Disney film ever made. But it's not perfect.

The good points: 1. A good story line with almost no "down time". The action moves right along, and you're constantly engaged in what is happening to the characters.

2. Great scenery and photography (and yes, it was filmed mostly on location).

3. Mostly very good acting. This is a wonderful role for John Mills, and it's a treat seeing Dorothy McGuire. They worked well together. James MacArthur is excellent (almost as good as he was in "Spencer's Mountain" with Henry Fonda). I never realized how good Tommy Kirk was as a child actor.

The bad points: 1. It appeared to me that there was some cruelty to animals in this film.

2. It's a family picture, so some things were handled a bit on the "everything will be all right" approach, which was fine. But through much of the battle with the pirates, the family wasn't taking things very seriously...and after all, they were fighting for their lives and to prevent the women from being raped.

3. Disney was loathe to show any of the pirate really being harmed much, so it wasn't very dramatic in the that sense.

4. Worst of all -- the presence of Kevin Corcoran. When I was a kid I always thought he was a little jerk. I still think that. Kid shoulda been put in a straight jacket! (Okay, that might be overstating it a bit, but not much). Totally distracting.

However, the strong points of this film well outweigh the weak points. It's a fairly exciting movie, there's a touch of romance, good insights to the jealousy that can exist between siblings, and a very engaging story. And, at least in my view as a 68 year old, it's not just a film for kids. Some say this is Disney's finest movie; I tend to agree.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 4 / 10

Pure Bunk

When you watch this, try to turn off your brain. Here we have a family, put into a Robinson Crusoe type of setting. They are squeaky clean. They never seem to have any dirt on them and they always seem to have all the necessities of life. It is implied that they managed all this themselves. Saying doesn't make it so. You'd also swear that the place they built had the Army Corps of Engineers to assist in the construction. It is a given that if we were put in this situation we would have to learn from scratch to do the work they seemed to do overnight. They all look incredibly healthy. They must have had a supermarket somewhere nearby because this is an island and nutrition would be an issue, even if they were careful. No one seemed to get sick. Anyway, I know it's just a fantasy and shouldn't be analyzed so much. But that's the reason it's so hard for it to have any sense of reality.

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